The Revolt Against Obama And The Democrats Has Begun!!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by skylr33, Nov 3, 2009.

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    my concern is that republicans will not learn from a quick turnaround. Our country is now screaming for fiscal restraint. Lower taxes and no bailouts.

    thats the lesson.
    flat tax will be the winning issue in the next national election.

    As libertad has suggested it is our best shot at useful reform.
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  2. This is a forum. Commenting on words made by a person to another person is perfectly acceptable and should be expected.
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  3. Did I make the hangover comments to you?

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  4. The Republican candidate had several months to campaign as well. And came in third.

    The win by Owens does change something. It increases the Dem majority in Congress. Just stating facts here--I am registered as an independent.

    How many exclamation points did you use?

    Something wrong with you.:p
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  5. Yeah after the way Obama did all these stops for Corzine and he still got pounded I am sure Owens is just going to be thrilled to jump on the Obama gravytrain.
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  6. I agree with the above. The story is the independents (like me). Many of them are very suspicious of the politicians in both parties. O. has proven himself a hardcore socialist/statist IMO. The Republicans need to toss their own statists b.s. artists or they will face the same voter anger. While you almost couldnt help liking the guy, - - someone like a Ronald Reagan who talked a good game but spent like crazy on borrowed money and actually expanded the Fed govt isn't what we need right now. The Dems are a lost cause with O. in there & the old 60s hippy Marxists having taken over their party. The Reps need a massive reform and to truly get back to the principles on which the nation was founded: protection of personal liberty, protecting private property rights - since if a man doesnt control the product of his own labors he doesn't have control his own life, and minding our own damned business. - - -
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  7. time for a change in the guard, of who fucks up the country!
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  8. skylr33


    I was talking about the conservative candidate that finished second you numbnut douche bag!!! He only campaigned for approx. 30 days against the Democrat, and still almost won. The Republican is this election, that you say had months to campaign, ended up dropping out of the race a few days before the election.
    You are truly a dumb shit!!! lol :p
    btw, if your an Independent, it's too bad that 95% of your fellow Indep. voters have "Revolted" against Obama. Only a few scattered douche bags like yourself still have his cock glued to their lips. lol~~~~~
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    You write like a precocious 15yo. Precocious because you can string together a sentence and do show some interest in politics. 15yo because of the exclamation points, smiley faces, insults, and zealousness. Apparently you have not seen several swings of the pendulum and so you're not even aware it is a pendulum. Consequently the future of the US in your mind is either entirely hopeless or unassailably bright.
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  10. This cat is reminiscent of an equipment manager for the high school football team or a member of his high school band...

    I bet he cried when Obama got elected, just like a teenage boy cries when his team loses...

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