The Revenge of the Rating Agencies

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    Now Aye ask you ....

    How utterly dast ... Aye saye ... utterly dastardly of Mistour Manns to hint, feel, think, or othour ... Aye saye, Aye saye ... otourwise allude to the speculation that ANY membourr of owour hallowed financial community, would evour even considour acting in a way contrary'a to the good'a of the citizenery'a of these here United States of America !!!

    ...Ayesaye...Aye saye now ... Aye ask you ...
  2. S&P to D.C. "Your breath stinks"

    D.C. to S& P "Your breath stinks"
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    You’re right … and so is everyone else that has used any one of a number of disparaging adjectives to describe our leadership and all of their policies. They – both sides of the aisle – tell us … things … and we believe. We are so easily led like a herd of sheep with rings thru our noses, and the “they” know it. We do nothing but complain and squeal while the “the” laugh at how pathetic is the herd of the public.

    We should learn from history. Not the history that was ‘approved’ for release in those white-washed books we were given in school … but some of the real stuff available only after taking a little time to research and dig around a little. But, human nature being what it is, we’re too lazy. It was just so much easier to believe the “them” when they said “it”.

    Too many of our ‘leaders’ scream as loud as they can: “…the current president is to blame … no, it was the last one … no, no – the one before him was at fault” , any why??? Because it has been proven over and over again – the louder they scream this bullshit, the easier it is to distract all of us from the REAL cause of all of our economic woes. To no small degree, our ‘protectors’ have mastered the art of illusion and we, the masters of gullibility, have stood up and applauded their … ‘truths’.
  4. Isn't that what we're paying for? A beautiful illusion? America: The Land of Hollywood. AKA Smoke and Mirrors.
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    quote from Profitmagnet:

    ... and paying, and paying and paying.