The Results ARE In.. Job w/ Prop Firm.

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by TradingBillions, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, I finished my first interview today and actually found out that I will not be given any more interviews... :(

    Mainly because I got the offer! :)

    Overall, the interview process was very smooth and the Math test was verbal and easy. Some of the questions were very basic and I was given a second chance on one or two of the questions. But overall I landed the interview and am very excited to share this knowledge with you all! I will be starting tomorrow to get my computer set up and more and if anyone has advice from their point of view working as a prop trader, please feel free to add it to this post.

    Thanks for the help everyone!

  2. lwlee


    You're such a c*ck tease.
  3. promagma


    Congrats, good luck and be ready to learn.
  4. timbo


    ... and this is something to celebrate?
  5. Math test = they just want to make sure you don't score too high, otherwise you might be able to figure out what a "great" commission and ticket charge deal you're getting

    Oh, and did they charge you for the interview?
  6. Yeah this does not seem like a real prop, this is a fake prop.

    No salary with capital down.

    You should be sad, not happy.
  7. No charge for interview, nor would I think anyone should charge for an interview.. Yes I think we should celebrate due to me trying to get this position for over a week now. So yea, thanks for all the help in my previous threads, guys!
  8. I'll bet you your # of posts will quadruple, one month into your job.

    Regardless of the actual circumstances, congrats to you. The real survival starts now.
  9. Thank you, TS.
  10. are you getting any training or sitting with any successful traders? what markets will you trade (hopefully not NYSE)?
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