The restart game like in real market :)

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  1. The fantasy stock exchange MMG is a gambling game of a new type.
    In "traditional" games we are all used to alternating winnings and losses. When you play roulette, you may be the winner and loser hundred of times a day!
    With us everything is quite different.

    First of all, over several months all the players do nothing but win. Subsequently the casino suddenly declares restart ( the end of a game ) and takes all the stakes in the kitty.
    After which a new game begins instantly. All the players always win until the next restart ( the beginning of a new game ) is declared… And so on.
    (All in all, the situation is like on a real stock exchange. Share prices are coming up and up… Then there is an unexpected fall, everything being restated.)


    What does a person think, being on our website for the first time?

    Sure, all this sounds very promising at first sight. Naturally, I too wouldn't mind 60% a month! (And is there anybody who would?) However!!
    First, are there any guarantee that all this is true? That they pay everybody? Couldn't it turn out as usual? One transfers money and then receives no "interest and bonuses", not to mention one's own money? Are they trustworthy, as a matter of fact?
    Secondly, the whole thing looks too risky! The game itself. They themselves point out that "the casino can declare a restart at any moment". What will be then? I will lose everything at once? Let's suppose that I transfer money to them. And just after that their "restart" will happen!..

    Now let us look into the matter unhurriedly. First, the main things. Is all that really true? Do we actually pay everybody as we promise to do on the website? "60% a month plus bonuses"? Can it be verified?
    Let's look at the case.

    First of all, there have been hundreds (!) of real letters from our winner-players (see Letters) placed on the website, new ones coming every day. All the letters written by different people, greatly differ from one another, vary in style and language. Their genuineness is quite obvious and gives rise to no doubts. Even cursory reading can give conclusive evidence of it.

    Furthermore, the website includes some scanned copies of real payment documents (bank letters of advice, checks, etc.) concerning winnings paid off by us (see Top 100). For millions of dollars! Though the names of recipients are shaded there for clear reasons, the documents themselves are evidently genuine.
    In other words, the game is certainly solvent.

    After all, independents forums exist! Visit them, contact other players and you will get a clearly understanding of the matter on the whole.
    In fact, the game was opened far earlier than the other day. It has been lasting for more than a year and a half. If we had not paid, everybody would have known this long ago. Bad news spreads very rapidly around Internet.

    All in all, it's quite obvious that everything placed on the website is unvanished truth. MMG indeed, it's a true game with true rules, true players and true winnings.

    And, unfortunately, with the same true restarts… Alas! So far they sometimes happen …

    In spite of all our countless explanations and calls for common sense, the overwhelming majority of the players still are panic-struck about restarts. A lot of them are frightened off the game by restarts from the very outset! The others quit playing immediately after a restart and never return.

    Let's scrutinize the restarts. Are they so awful and is it worth being afraid of them so? May be everything isn't so terrible in reality?..

    As far as the restarts are concerned, we should specify the following.

    In the first place, they happen rarely.There have been only two on record (for more than a year and a half!). The first restart was in 4.5 months after the game had started and more than 9 months had passed before the second one occurred.

    Secondly, it's easy to notice that periods between restarts have increasingly on the rise (very quickly! have doubled, in fact!). It's understandable. Why, as the game progresses the casino grows richer in both money and players. The game becomes stronger and stronger. So, naturally, crisis happens in decreasing frequency.

    After all, thirdly, it's very important to understand that any restart is the game's essential that is fully controllable by the casino. At the most. It isn't a catastrophe !! And all the more, it doesn't mean the end of the whole game! The game resumes immediately at the same moment! Prices start growing quickly, winnings being paid accurately. Thus you always have time and opportunity for regaining your money…
    In general, while being caught by a restart, you should, above all, to stand emotions and remember firmly that this particular restart falls far short of being the first one. Therefore, you can bargain for no surprises in this sense. Everybody knows how the situation will be shaping up after the recent restart. Nothing special! In a routine way… No surprises…Again, the same monotonous and infinite months of a new growth in prices, the game being safe and even.
    Consequently, when you meet with any restart, don't be panic, don't leave the game. On the contrary, hike your stakes as much as you can! For the matter of fact, going through restart is a great luck!! You should only to make the best use of it. You see, another favorable moment in the game (next restart) won't be soon…
    (If you are a lucky dog today, you are not going to throw your cards aside after having lost a single set, aren't you? Thus, any restart is nothing but such a set lost by you by chance for the whole of your lucky evening. Nothing terrible! You will win back over the next set. The game is altogether safe for you. Its rules imply that you will anyway BENEFIT by the outcome of the whole evening! You should only remember it and keep playing without being worried. )

    So, this is our summing up.
    The full predictability of the process of the game on the whole is of primary importance rather than restarts. The main thing is that the game starts immediately after any restart! Prices will be increasingly hiked, winnings will be paid.
    It's quite clear that on such conditions restarts aren't dangerous at all. On the contrary! You see, there is no turbulence in the game over oncoming several months. So, you have a good chance not only to regain your money but also seize a rare opportunity!
    If we go on comparing our game with playing cards, frankly speaking, could you agree to lose a single set with the understanding that you will be the winner for the following ten or even twenty times for sure?! With any stakes at that !!
  2. Rotshild would hate me to reveal this to "mentally incapable people" :)

    "The few who can understand the (checkbook-money and credits) system will
    either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent upon its favors,
    that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand,
    the great body of the people mentally incapable of comprehending the
    tremendous advantages that capital derives from the system, will bear its
    burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that it is inimical to their interests.

    (Letter from Rothschild Bros. of London to a group of New York bankers, June 25, 1863)
  3. TGregg


    From another site:


    The basic drift on this one is ....
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    ..... that yes, it was set up much like stock generation; same slightly stilted english on the website, but a page of "rules" that basically clearly overly stated, "send us your money, we can do anything we want to with it, you may or may not get some or all of it back, and we can change these rules to anything that we want any time that we want".

    Folks who had "played" for about six months were sure were getting rich according to their "statements" until a bunch of them started asking for withdrawls, then the game owners declared a "reset" that essentially wiped out everyone's profits.

    There were apparently a few "management" types frequenting a chatroom on the "company" website who declared at this time that "it was a GREAT" time to "invest" (right after the "recalc"). Two weeks later, after a fresh batch of "suckers" jumped in with tons of new money, the game's medium of exchange, "F" dollars, were re-valued from one "F" dollar per US Dollar to 10,000 "F" dollars per US dollar ... effectively bankrupting ALL of the players. No mention of this on their website of course .... just charts indicating consistantly rising stock prices in their virtual shares.

    Yet another rip-off just as all of them are ....


    The rules do state that they can do whatever they want at any given time with no notice and no restrictions:


    F-stock exchange can change prices for f-shares at any time, arbitrarily often and on its discretionary terms.

    F-stock exchange has the right to annul, cancel or change arbitrarily amount of winning of any player at any time and on its discretionary terms.

    F-stock exchange can change the exchange rate of f-dollar regarding any world's currencies as well as to conduct any "monetary reforms" (devaluation, cancellation of old f-dollars and introduction of new ones, etc.) at any time and on its discretionary terms.

    F-stock exchange can change, make additions or amendments to these Rules at any time and on its discretionary terms. The same is related to any notices placed on the site.

    F-stock exchange can convey any information about the game (change in the Rules, etc.) in any way suitable for the exchange (notices placed on the site, e-mails, phone calls, etc.). At the same time no form of communication is obligatory for it.
  4. Sounds like a ponzi scheme to me.
  5. harrys posts are too long, can anyone restate what he said in a concise format? I'm afraid if I read his posts my brain will explode.
  6. One word ->


    Although, from the tone of his post, it sounds as if he believes it is a good deal.
  7. started to read it and then said... no way.
  8. It's an online simulated stock exchange. The notion seems to be that people can trade money over nothing, and some will win while others lose. Really, that's hardly any different from what we do in the "real" market.

    The stocks and futures we all trade purport to be based on the substance of the companies' worth. But how many here are actually trading company worth? Mostly it's all number-trading, based on air. This MagicMoneyGame just does the same thing without the pretense of it being based on anything real. It's basically the same game.

    (p.s. to prevent brain explosions, remove all oily rags from inside skull. Oily rags are higly flammable, and explosive in aggregate)
  9. It's worth reading. It's about market psychology.

    People will feed a system with a part of their savings as long as the system produces immediate paper profits. Some will withdraw the profits, but most will just play with the paper profits. At some point, a big drop wipes out all the profits. People will then re dip into their savings and re feed the market as long as it produces immediate paper profits.

    So in the end, a few gain. Most lose a small portion of their savings. But the system always prospers.
  10. There is a big difference between that game and the real market: that game is like a skeleton model of the real market. It hasn't its compexity and the money comes from the outer system that is to say a quasi infinite potential since this market will stay relatively small. Real Market is THE SYSTEM when it cannot be fed by outer system. The illusion is kept thanks to credit and fractional reserve banking which has been even lowered to ZERO for central bank of Canada towards 2000 (I don't know for other banks) that is to say there wasn't even a ratio cooke to maintain. So when the system will encounter the wall ? As for the game, when the organiser see that more and more people want to take their money out of the system then they will restart the game. In the real market when there is no money to pull from the main system towards offshore detaxed fund Banks will declare Bankruptcy, the real money has been pocketed and people are left without nothing or worse with credits through their gouvernement if not themselves. The big blow comes with old population since this is the time when REAL money must be taken from the system. Then the crash. This is an economical fact and there are studies which show that booms and burst are more due to baby boom than to technology.

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