The republicans Should Cave

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  1. They should have done it right after the election

    Get in front of the people and say, "The President wants to raise taxes. We think it is a bad idea. It probably won't hurt the economy that bad, but it certainly won't help it. But he wants to raise taxes so bad, and he won the election, so we will give it to him, even though we think it is a bad idea."

    Because they really got outplayed with Plan B which allowed obama to stand up and say, "They finally agree with me that taxes should go up on the rich."
  2. The republicans do not care about the middle class.
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    And you think the dems do? The political elite care about the political elite, period.
  5. No it's not period, true the political elite are represented on both sides. But the dems represent the middle class more than the reps do that is obvious.
  6. Boenher is worried about his job.
  7. The reps don't care about the safety of our children in schools.
  8. better to kill them in school than in the womb. That way, at least you get a few years of economic activity out of them. Dems don't care about the success of toys r us
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    They only give a shit to the point it gets them re-elected. If they care so much, let them term limit themselves out after 2 terms max house, 1 senate.

    Do you know of any middle class reps or senators?
  10. Poor boner,the tea party is a bigger threat to his job then Obamas :(
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