The Republicans’ Fake Investigations

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    So far Trump has not been implicated with Russian interference in our election, that we know of —— yet.

    Trump’s biggest problem he is personally facing is obstruction of justice. Firing Comey and going on tv and telling on himself was historically stupid. At least Nixon tried to withhold the tapes. Trump went on tv and snitched on himself.

    Who knows what other dumb corruptions he has done since then. I wonder if Sessions is going to flip on him.
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  2. No, as always, his biggest problem is all the bullshit charges that Mueller will bring to compensate for the fact that he cannot get him on obstruction of justice.

    As I have said many times, bring it on in regard to the obstruction of justice prosecution. Mueller has seen some big defeats on the big cases, while getting minor convictions at the edges. If he wants to add to that record while giving trump a clear victory on that issue then I am more than ready to watch that. And, as I have also said may times, everything is always scary and ballsy with Mueller on the big cases until a prosecution actually starts and he has to deal with a real defense team.

    He will kneecap one or more of the Trump kids because he is just functioning like a rogue Sicilian Mafia goon now, who wants to hurt a family member if he can't score a bill kill. His step-son buddy there Comey and his beloved agency which he set out to protect are also getting destroyed along the way with much more to come. You think Trump shot himself in the foot with that Comey episode? Howz Comey making out? He thought he could leak documents and get a special prosecutor appointed and then just sit back and watch everyone restore Comey to his prior grandeur. Not going that way is it? Everyone is seeing him and the agency he ran as a political hack operation. One of the worst FBI Directors in history, and the IG's report hasn't even come out yet, and the IG sees his scumbag operation for what it was.
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    You also said the dossier was the catalyst for the fbi investigation into the Trump campaign. Sit down.
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  4. You have seen it and it was not relied upon by the fbi for anything?

    And you have seen the supporting documentation presented to the fisa court?
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    “Don’t be a stupid.”
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  6. So, that's a no then. You haven't seen either of those.

    Thank you for confirming the obvious.

    And indeed. Don't be a stupid.

    Feel free to check back when you have that information.
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    I’m the guy that doesn’t get his information from Jim Jordan or his news from Russia Today. You need to check yourself. You know you’ve been hanging your hat on that dossier for a long time and got smacked right across your nose with that New York Times report.

    Things are moving fast now. Fusion is putting pressure on the senate to release the transcripts of their hearing while Grassley has gone into hiding. Bannon is moving against Trump too.

    A lot of the public arguments to defend Trump are crumbling quick.
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  8. I see. The New York Times has given us all the real story. giggle.

    Jim Jordan and others are doing the best they can to understand why the FBI is working so hard to not disclose the dossier and answer questions about the FBI's involvement with it. Ditto for the legal documents that were submitted to the FISA Court to support the request for a warrant.

    What do you suppose the remedy for that problem is? If you are arguing that the speculation about the dossier is wrong and they are actually withholding it and obstructing justice to prevent some other shady story from being revealed, then both Jim Jordan and I will acknowledge that. But the reason is not pretty, whatever it is. Most likely it implicates Rosenstein too.

    Thank you for confirming once again the need to appoint a special prosecutor to find out what is really going on. Keep playing hardball with the Oversight Committee and giving them the finger. See if that helps.
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    Trumps power base is crumbling, the deep state argument is a joke. His friends say he is barely literate and stupid and you’re following him and believing his bullshit. The investigation into the Trump campaign is real, it’s serious and it’s moving forward despite the idiots in congress like Jordan and Nunes and Fox flunkies.

    The Party’s over. All of this deep state nonsense is for weirdos and losers.
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  10. I see. So, again, that's a no as to whether the dossier and fisa records have been released.

    You crow about the fact that Mueller is moving ahead but congress is not. Maybe that's because the dossier/fisa records and other evidence are being withheld and other obstruction of justice whereas Mueller has the power to just go to court and get it, ya think?

    Just another way of confirming that an independent counsel to investigate the fbi and camp Clinton is needed. Then tell me whether things are moving along.

    As I said a while ago, I can agree that there might be other putrid reasons why the fbi does not want the dossier/fusion records released or explored further- beyond allegations about being used to get a fisa warrant. The nature of obstructing justice is that you don't know fully. You just know they have a powerful need to make sure that sunlight does not reach what they are hiding.

    They could for example be using fbi money to pay fusion which ends out being used to pay journalists to write fake news. Just sayin. It is not beyond possibility.
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