The Republicans are the problem

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    1. The correct answer would have been..
    I didn't - you didn't. Instead you lied and said you answered. I dont even know why?

    2. When talking about tax policy whether you pay taxes, and whether you feel the tax bite is very relevant.

    When govt is taxing you all the time, everywhere you go... they not only decimate their people standard of living but they also create an antagonistic environment.

    As a kid when my family moved to Greenwich in the 70s, you could feel you were getting great value for your tax dollar.

    when I moved to San Diego in the 80s same thing.

    When I went skiing at mammoth before they were bought by intrawest same thing.

    Now.. everybody is in your pocket to their max all the time. I accept businesses feel the need to maximize revenue

    But, the Govt... should not be doing that to us. They should not be the financial enemy of those who work.

    I get notices about a property tax on my boat... ( they are taxing a boat on a trailer) a trailer and boat which are already licensed. I am not even sure they have the constitutional authority to do that.

    The city tries to hit me with a business tax on my business property... although I do not even live in the the city of San Diego.

    The states wants over 10% or more of reasonable incomes... and now is looking to increase to 13% for people making good income.
    The Feds take and self employment tax and fica tax.
    Property taxes are high.
    Gas, alcohol, jet fuel, hotel.

    Its all tax all the time.

    You do not live here... so I would to point out to you how you have no right to comment on whether the shit is being taxed out now or now. If you are also sucking off your govt... I understand why you so often distort reality.

    And it not just CA its everywhere.
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    You still didn't answer my question. (Not the one about the family goat.)
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  3. You've simply dismissed it without argument.

    First, I agree that tarfifs are a two-way street. But we can increase tariffs to the point that they're equivalent to what other countries charge us. That won't start a "trade war" despite the chicken-little hysteria that starts every time someone suggests raising tariffs. Second, there are many ways to protect the poor from the effects of consumption taxes, including a consumption tax "prefund."

    If we cut "net" defense spending (including chargebacks to countries where we have bases) by 50%, increased tarrifs and imposed a small consumption tax the gap would be closed and we could kiss personal income taxes goodbye.
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    tomdavis for POTUS!
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  6. Let's just raise it to $25 trillion.

    That'll last us a few years.

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  7. you think. dont forget republicans have promised to increase defense spending:

    Defense & War Spending Equal 94% Of All Federal Income Tax Revenues

    In 2010, the US government collected $898 billion in federal income tax revenues. The same year, we spent $847 billion on useless wars and national defense. That means that 94% of all federal income tax revenue is equivalent to what we spend on the Pentagon. Who out there thinks it was money well spent?

    Also, just to piss you off a little bit more - defense spending is equivalent to 443% of what we collect in total corporate taxes.
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  8. Bullshit numbers and everyone here knows it.

    You and Chris Matthews have a lot in common.
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  9. prove it.
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  10. You.
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