The Republicans are the problem

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Ricter, May 15, 2012.

  1. Lucrum


    Not so much a "life" as an existence. Such as it is.
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  2. jem


    Is that because the ends show the means of spending more and taxing more do not work?
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  3. Brass


    Are you generally referring to the tax creep whereby the highest marginal income tax rate went from over 90% to its present 35%? Are you referring to the direction of that trend? Is that what you mean?


    Catch a clue, jem.
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  4. 377OHMS


    He seems to have a vocation that is highly mobile. I can never understand it when guys that could enjoy that mobility don't take advantage of it.

    I always had to live where the work was so there were limited choices.

    Nurses are evidently in demand almost everywhere. His kids are grown, he isn't married if anything he says is to be believed. Why stay in a graveyard shift deadend in Boredom USA?
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  5. jem


    No Brass, I am talking about the tax everything that has a dollar sign in front of it... and then spend twice as much. Which caused massive inflation... which is a massive tax which destroys peoples standard of living and jerks them up into higher tax rates.

    Why the hell are you asking questions about this... you live in canada on the dole --- don't you?

    Many people now have the govt taxing him for half his money and homes loans taking the other half. (or just about) People are not getting buy on two incomes. That is criminal.

    We need to eliminate the personal income tax and give people their lives back. That would be a real govt program.
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  6. Brass


    You mean one with no government?
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  7. jem


    If you went to school in america, you would understand our country was formed as a revolt against taxes.

    You would understand that we had a great govt long before we had income taxes. I think you can argued that the income tax is a major part of the problem with govt.

    Additionally, you could say that our income taxes go to paying off our federal debt. Since the FED and income tax went together. I suspect we can drop them together.
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  8. Brass


    As I understand it, it was a revolt against taxation without representation. I think you'll find that to be different. In any event, does the government formed in 1776 represent the level and scope of government you now want to have, hopefully recognizing that it was then fully Third World by today's standards?
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  9. jem


    are you living in Canada on the dole or not?
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  10. jem


    Now for my plan.

    We do not have to end the fed... but we will end paying interest on debt.

    1. No more debt. If govt needs to spend... it just prints. No debt.
    2. Balanced budget... with option to spend more only during a war... if voted on my majority of congress for 4 years.. then by people after that.
    3. Payoff entire existing debt at once with one big print.
    4. eliminate personal income tax.

    No need for a vat.
    Set up flat tax for corps. No outs.
    Eliminate congressional lobbying.
    Provide for National single payer health care with tariff and tax or corporations who do not pay income tax.
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