The Republican Slogan

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  1. Judging by the Republican party's conduct regarding, but not limited to, health care reform, and the underlying values that such conduct suggests, the true Republican slogan can perhaps best best summarized as follows:

    "It's not enough that I should succeed -- others should fail."

    (Borrowed from David Merrick.)
  2. In six months insurance companies are require to give coverage to all pre-existing conditions and adult children on parents policies up to age 26.

    How is this being paid for?
  3. No thanks. I'd rather watch and listen to the Republicans ululate:

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  4. they can sell hawaii to the chinese
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    Anyone driving a body around will now be required to have body insurance, that's how.
  6. 1. It is not being given away for free, it is just a requirement for coverage.
    2. Less benefit for existing coverage and more taxes for upper class earners and other new taxes (tanning salons etc).
    3. Savings from Medicaid where these unfortunate preexisting conditioned patients usually ended up.

    There really should be a lot more sin tax on consumption of food and beverages. Americans have had a long decade of decadence not only in lack of banking regulation but also in their dietary regulation. The rampant intake of alcohol, tobacco, sugar and fat and generally over consumption have also taken a toll on the average physical health of Americans.
  7. Yeah so making food more expensive is your solution?

    Since it worked sooo well during the depression.:eek:
  8. Actually the unofficial motto of the republican party is: We may be despicable but we're not quite as bad as the other guys.

    The more or less official motto of the democrat party is: Vote for us and we'll steal your neighbor's money and give some of it to you.
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    and the motto of both parties together is we are paving the way to a future modeled on Rollerball and Logan's Run. But the women won't be good looking.
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