The Rennick Doctrine

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  1. It's January 2008, following a late entry as an indepedent write in and winning the general election by 1 vote William Roosevelt Rennick has just taken the oath of office as the 44th president of the United States. After a hard session of Inagural partying Rennick enters the Oval Office and summons his newly formed War cabinet. In keeping his campain promise to open a can of whoop ass if elected, Rennick has the Naval Attache slide the Football across the Oval Office desk. With the case now open Defense Secretary Ted Nugent hands Pres. Rennick the launch codes and coordiantes of a fresh batch of targets. With little fanfare or hesitation the new Prez hits the button faster than a contestant on Deal or Deal after recieving the Bankers first offer. Pres. Rennick next orders a live feed to the media networks for an Urgent Message from Pres. Rennick.
    In the first ever Presidential broadcast to the nation using a multiple split screen Rennick begins his address.
    "My Fellow Americans, the time of negotiation and being a bunch of wimps ends today. This is not the Hollywood Squares, the screens below me represent the fufillment of my mandate and campain promise. All screens are live feeds from areas of the world which are about to recieve a special message from good old Uncle Sam. The locations on your screen are Montreal Canada, San Francisco Cal. and The Haj in Mecca,. In the next few minutes the world will become a better place. So grab some popcorn and your favorite beverage and enjoy the show. You may want to put on some dark sun glasses ,or better yet welders goggles. I have instructed the White House band to take us out with " You are my Sunshine", Thank you, and God Bless America. Pres.Rennick out. "
  2. When is the book coming out? Will there be a movie deal? Who will play you in the movie? Will Maria play a roll in your movie?
  3. Hey, that's a great idea, I'll have her in some close advisory role located under the
    Oval Office desk. The new Secretary of State Rooster Cogburn has just singlehandedly captured Bin Laden and 25 other al Queda wheels.

  4. Here is our new Public Relations Czar, in charge of improving our image worldwide.

  5. The new Fed Chairman
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  6. Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs

  7. The new Surgeon General,( check oiut the open sore on his thumb,,GROSS!!!)