The Religious Bigotry of Secular Agnostic Jews

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  1. A few rapid fire points.

    Orthodox Jews tend to be Republicans. While Americans heard in 2004 and now in 2008 that "the world" is polling for the Democrats-McCain is preferred to Obama by a majority of Israelis as was Bush vs. Kerry.

    Orthodox Jews are closer in ideology and life style to conservative Christians than to agnostic, secular “Jews.”

    Because of restrictions on various activities the Orthodox community is becoming rapidly voiceless in a world of electronic communication.

    Orthodox Jews are just as maligned as conservative Christians by the secular, agnostic “Jewish” community of media commentators. To wit: Joe Lieberman.

    The massive, emotional hysteria opposing Sarah Palin in the blogosphere, ET and some of the MSM is based on Palin's religious beliefs.

    Just like the “house nigger” of a generation ago, the secular, agnostic “Jewish” community only accepts Christians who bury their faith.

    If Sarah Palin was an abortion on demand, big government Nanny the “vetting” from the Jewish Left would be minimal.

    Instead what do we see. Agnostic, secular fake Jews on ET, in the MSM and on the blogosphere come OUT OF THE WOODWORK vilifying this athletic mother of five.

    They adeptly yet disingenuously wrap their criticism of Palin around “issues” like the size of Alaska, her fitness as a mother and her lack of experience in D.C.
    Naturally we heard little questioning in years past about Al Gore's less than stellar son or if governorship of Arkansas was a must have prereq to the Presidency. Truth is-other than candidates who've served as Veep no one has Presidential like “experience.”

    Instead of expressing your opposition to Palin around fakery why not state your REAL concerns? You hate her because she's too Christian.

    Also this article by Ed Lasky is quite interesting. Before you all start bitchin' about anti-Semite Pabst you might want to look this piece over. However since it appears that many agnostic, secular “Jews” are so self loathing that they seemingly WANT to keep being annihilated-I doubt many of you will heed the warnings.
  2. Oh noes!!! Another Jewish conspiracy thread!


    Hey Pabst, if the majority of Americans want a fruitloop Evangelical in the White House, again, they'll get their wish, whether Jews like it or not. Relax, my jew-black-latino-arab-nonwhite-phobic friend.
  3. "You hate her because she's too Christian."

    Too Christian as in spending all her time in focusing on her own sinful nature and asking God to forgive her?

    Or too Christian in trying to force her beliefs down the throats of others...

  4. How is Palin uniquely “forcing” her views down your throat?

    Public policy via democracy is all about shoving the views of the majority down the throats of the minority.

    Is a secular “belief” whether it's support for increased educational spending or support for preserving a Jewish State in Israel any more or less valid than support for a “belief” grounded in religious faith? An ism becomes a de facto theology onto itself. Do you approach your quest for socialism in America with any less zealotry than some Bible thumper in Kentucky raging against “sin”?

    Jesus was perhaps the first historical figure to represent the poor. The traditional impetuous of economic equality was based on the moral aim of helping the less fortunate. Without a moral base-without a belief set-no one would really give a fuck about any one else. Liberalism without moralism becomes nothing more than jealousy manifesting itself as class warfare or theft.

    Therefore it's extremely disingenuous for liberals to explain income redistribution as the belief of “paying your fair share” and then go postal over someone who opposes abortion because in their “belief” life begins at conception. Each view EOD has a similar source.
  5. jem


    To zzz

    Well you first question might make sense if she were Catholic = as an evangelical she would believe that Jesus dies for her sins past present a future. No reason to contemplate her sinful nature.

    The second part of your question just proves pabst point.

    Look at the fricken venom you spew. As if Christian are going around trying to convert you at gun point or cutting off your head.

    You are a loon.
  6. Don't hold your breath waiting for loZZZer to respond Jem. He's busy whacking off to huffingtonwhore.
  7. You put one more bigoted anti-semitic post on ET like this one and I will personally find where you are in Chicago and we can discuss it in person. That is a promise!
  8. No reason to contemplate her sinful nature?

    No reason to try to improve then.

    She doesn't have to, she has a one way ticket punched by Jesus to absolve her of all her sins, right?


    It is so funny, because the right wing Jesus freaks tell us that greed is necessary and good for the capitalism to thrive, but there is no incentive (no fear of hell) to do good for the Jesus freaks who think they are saved from hellish punishment no matter what they do.

    They don't have to do unto others as they would have others do unto them...because they are saved. The can break all the 7 deadly sins, all the 10 commandments daily...and it doesn't matter...they have that get out of jail card without passing go given to them by Jesus.

    Think about it, the right wing condemns the welfare system and entitlements because they claim it takes away the incentive to work.

    So if Jesus has taken away the fear of punishment for sin, then what is the incentive not to sin?

    Seems confusing to me. It is okay to take away the fear of punishment eternally by belief in Jesus alone without acts of righteousness, but it is wrong to take away the fear of poverty and force people to work against their will?

    Just be as selfish as you want, sin as much as you want, it doesn't matter because Jesus has saved you from all consequences....

    Christians are trying to convert others to their point of view, that has been the history of Christianity.

    We could debate abortion, or homosexuality, and eventually it would boil do to your own personal faith, not some rational foundation devoid of religious faith for your belief.

    It is fine if you don't want to be a homosexual, don't want to marry someone of your own gender, don't want to have should be able to live your own life. No one should force you to bear children, no one should force you into a gay marriage, or prevent you from a hetero marriage.

    However, it doesn't end there with the Christians. They want to prevent gays from marrying, they want to control what a woman does with her reproductive system.

    You try to say that I have no fixed moral compass, but the Christians do have a so called "fixed" moral compass, just as the Muslims have a fixed moral compass...

    Face it, the Christian belief system when it enters into the political world is nothing but pushing personal beliefs, beliefs that are irrational by nature, onto the way other people live.

  9. What was bigoted? Or anti-semitic? is it not YOU who objects to Sarah Palin because of her Christian beliefs? Is it not YOU who slanders Sarah Palin with reckless abandon?

    So now because Pabst calls you and your ilk out I'm the one who is bigoted. Too funny. And Murray, don't even fuck around threatening me. I'll waste your ass and you know it.
  10. Someone discussing an issue with you in person is a threat?

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