The Religion of Piss

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    Here's Wally's buddies doing what they do best, teaching 12 year olds how to saw the head off of somebody:

    Strong warning on the images, it is the Religion of Piss after all.


    Using children to kill people. barbaric savages.
  3. That's the way to deal with collaborators. No torture, just a swift decapitation. It's like beheading a chicken, it's over quickly and painlessly but it seems to be very bloody to the onlooker. I oppose this just as much as I oppose the slaughter of animals, but if you don't have access to "modern" execution equipement or jails, how are you going to neutralize traitors? The least you would want to do is wasting scarce bullets on such an abomination. If you want to know about true sadism, have a look at the Nuremberg trials. Those who were condemned hung for 10 - 25 minutes before passing away, that's what I call real schadenfreude.

    Also, there is a difference between the decapitation of criminals and the decapitation of children. Some Jews never made this distinction as evident in the following illustrations.

    Portraits painted by witnesses to Jewish ritual murder.


    A Jewish woman admits on TV to particpation in Ritual Murder of children.

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    who cares about the messenger. Neocon rag - so??

    That is by far the most atrocious act I have ever seen... and to to be coaching a 12 year old to do it.

    That is as bad as life could be. To teach that to a 12 year old. What belief system could possibly foster or even condone those actions?
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    I am still disturbed by those images.

    And to the apologist above. having a 12 year old take a head off is not done because it is an efficient way to kill.

    It is done of drama and effect. I remember seeing a navy seal explain an efficient way to kill with a knife and I do not want to go into here but it was nothing like cutting and entire head offf and then carrying it around.

  6. A Barbaric belief system that will never get beyond sub-human.
  7. Yes, the key word being sub-human. Well said Version.