The "Religion of Peace" strikes again!

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    These fanatics are literally from the "stone age."

    Man stoned to death in Iran for adultery: judiciary

    Tuesday, May 5, 2009 8:44 AM

    TEHRAN (Reuters) - A man was stoned to death in Iran for adultery but the woman involved in the case repented, the judiciary said on Tuesday, suggesting her life was spared.

    The Islamic Republic has been heavily criticized by the European Union, rights groups and the United Nations for stoning convicted criminals and there are official Iranian recommendations the practice should not occur.

    Asked whether he could confirm that a man charged with adultery was stoned to death in the northern city of Rasht during the Iranian month that ended on March 20, judiciary spokesman Alireza Jamshidi told a news conference:

    "What you said about stoning is correct. But the woman repented ... Among the instances in which the sentence is not performed is when there is a repentance by the individual involved."

    Iranian media said the executed man was 30 years old.

    According to Iran's Islamic penal code, men convicted of adultery should be buried up to their waists and women up to their chests for stoning. Stones used should not be large enough to kill the person immediately.

    In January, Jamshidi said two men convicted of adultery were stoned to death the previous month in the city of Mashhad, but a third man escaped while the punishment was being carried out.

    According to the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, a non-governmental group based outside Iran, someone who was convicted on the basis of another's testimony and who escaped the stoning pit may have their life spared.

    Iran's judiciary, which ordered a moratorium on stoning in 2002, last year said the lives of four people sentenced to stoning had been spared and the implementation of other sentences had been halted pending a review of their cases.

    Iran has implemented sharia law since Iran's 1979 revolution.

    Jamshidi also defended the handling of the case of Delara Darabi, 23, whose execution in a Rasht prison on Friday drew condemnations from the European Union and Western rights groups.

    She was convicted of murdering her father's cousin when she was 17. The Etemad daily said she had initially confessed the crime because she believed she would be pardoned as the crime was committed when she was a minor.

    Amnesty International said it was outraged at her execution and the fact that her lawyer was not informed about it.

    But Jamshidi said: "We have not come across any mistake by the judges on her case."

    He said the judiciary preferred that such sentences were reduced to imprisonment if the victim's family agreed, but made clear Iran would not bow to outside pressure: "We enforce our rules and regulations within the framework of Islamic standards."

    Human rights groups have criticized Iran for sentencing juveniles to death. Iran says it only carries out the death penalty when a prisoner reaches the age of 18.

    (Writing by Fredrik Dahl; Editing by Richard Williams)
  2. At least they didn't put the guy in a cell with a caterpillar. Thats torture.
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    Tom B

    You can't make this stuff up.

    Saudi judge says it's OK for men to beat wives

    RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) - A Saudi judge told a conference on domestic violence that a man has the right to slap a wife who spends money wastefully and said women were as much to blame as men for increased spousal abuse, a Saudi newspaper reported.

    The remarks do not carry the weight of law, as they were made out of court. But such public pronouncements by Saudi judges—who are also Islamic clerics—are often widely respected.

    A rights activist decried the remarks and said she and other campaigners viewed them as the latest setback in women's efforts to gain the right to vote, drive, freely participate in politics and be protected from violence. Activists have become more vocal in recent years in their criticism of cases involving women's rights, including what many see as the religious police's harsh enforcement of the segregation of sexes.

    "If a person gives 1,200 Saudi riyals ($320) to his wife and she spends 900 riyals ($240) to purchase an abaya (head-to-toe robe) from a brand shop and if her husband slaps her on the face as a reaction to her action, she deserves that punishment," Judge Hamad Al-Razine was quoted as saying by the English-language Arab News newspaper on Sunday.

    The comments at a recent conference were given as part of an explanation for an increase in domestic violence in the country. The judge said women were equally responsible for the increase, the newspaper quoted him as saying.

    The paper did not say exactly when the conference was held. The judge could not be reached for comment on Monday.

    Women in the audience loudly protested the judge's remarks, the newspaper said.

    Saudi Arabia bars women from voting, except for chamber of commerce elections in two cities in recent years, and no woman can sit in the kingdom's Cabinet. Women also cannot drive or travel without permission from a male guardian.

    Sohaila Zenelabideen Hammad, spokeswoman of the Saudi National Center for Human Rights, told the Associated Press on Monday that the judge's remarks are reason for concern for being "too extreme."

    "It is not acceptable, it is even forbidden in Islam to beat a woman on her face. ... No matter what the woman does, the man has no right whatsoever and under any circumstances to beat his wife on the face," said Hammad, who was not at the conference.

    "Regrettably, there is a common understanding in the Arab and Islamic world that man is the master who looks down on the woman and has the right to do whatever he wants to her. This is wrong," Hammad said.

    She said she was to attend a meeting later Monday with members of UNICEF, the U.N. agency for children, to discuss the issue.
  4. sign on the back of redneck's truck: don't argue with your wife......dicker.
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    That's nice to know.

    OH remember those curtains you bought last month?

    I'm afraid you haven't finished "paying" for them yet.
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    Hey at least they practice what they preach-unlike most diehard religious nuts here like Mel Gibson.
    MG is an adulterer,anti-semite,divorcing a hole.His punishment according to his bible is :to be stoned to death.Last i saw he was with some new bimbo whom he has knocked up.
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    You are doing of fine job of representing the liberal viewpoint on this topic.
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    Oh please. Don't forget the barking dogs! And the panties on the head! Oh the horror! Much worse than getting hit with a couple pebbles like this guy.