The Relationship of Dietary Quality and Gut Efficiency to Brain Size

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  2. I didnt know there were "fruitarian extremists":)

    A couple of things weren't mentioned though, namely that brain size (in these terms ) isnt a measure of intelligence to begin with-its possible the larger brain just wasnt necessary, independant of diet or gut function.

    Further, does the idea of switching to a greater intake of vegetables or grains being a factor in this really add up?

    With the onset of early agriculture, its entirely reasonable to suggest people ate more meat rather than less, animal husbandry in many early cultures seems to have been part and parcel of even nomadic style cropping, not to mention the eating habits of (recent)arctic circle cultures observable today.

    If there is a serious link, wouldnt it actually be in the widespread cooking of animal foods-or is it a myth that raw meat/animal bits are actually far easier to digest and utilize?

    At any rate, these effects should, theoretically be somewhat localised, given the different diets available in different places, right?