the relationship between profit of intraday system and day range

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by robinxing, May 14, 2007.

  1. Today Hsi gaps up nealy 700 points

    atfer that it moves between a 200 points range

    I know the profit of intraday system has much relationship with

    day range

    today's range is not small

    but my trend following system failed

    I don't know why

    Does someone know why it failed?

    thank you
  2. 5 minutes chart
  3. Arnie


    What do you mean "it failed"? You didn't get an entry?
  4. Aok


    Robin you answered your own question.

    You have a trend following system. I dont see alot of "trend" on that 5 min chart.

    I see alot of higher highs and then lower lows. And vice versa. Chop and slop.

    But still tradeable.

    Not to mention that Fri was almost mirror opposite of Mon in terms of price action so no real commitment on bulls part.

    Anyone holding HSI futs overnight and esp over the weekend has uranium reinforced balls.

    BTW is that Multicharts?
  5. Key Details have been omitted :
    WHAT IS YOUR TRADING TIMEFRAME ? (minutes, hours, days, weeks) ?
    What is your AVERAGE TIME IN THE TRADE ?

    Looking at that chart probably tells the whole story:
    GAPS aren't friendly towards trend-following approaches....they require a whole different approach.
    Note how the gap retraced right off the open.
    That was a great pullback entry.
  6. nove


    Unusual - 680 pt gap event on HSI.

    Unusual - Communist Chinese Govt allows locals to invest outside (first stop HK driving gap).

    Unusual - very short term volatility higher yesterday compared to longer term movement. More noise than normal.

    Question: What will all these new Chinese investors do to the character of the HSI?
  7. sure

    it is multicharts

    and I use 1 minute in trading
  8. 1 minute chart
  9. xiaohu


    Maybe rather than asking why your system failed......
    you should ask yourself why should it work in the first place ?

    If you can answer this question then maybe you can have an answer to your original question.

  10. frankly speaking ,I dislike gap up

    it will change the chart dramatically
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