The RefcoFX saga is now winding down

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by forex-forex, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. cstfx


    If you have a complaint, explain why. I'm the third person who has questioned your accusation about IB and your response generally is "What are you an IB stooge"? Not the most reliable response.

    (My bad, I'm the sixth.)

    If there is a problem, the prudent thing would be to share your experiences so that others don't fall victim to the same perceived problems.

    Share. C'mon. It won't hurt. It might be cathartic.

    BTW, I see you like those fixed spread dealers with their 3-5 pip spreads on the majors. Where have I heard this before.........
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  2. Paliz


    You are getting mad, well guess what . I dont care how much IB pays you shill. Go screw your self, and let traders chat. I do like fixed spreads, I am now using the demo account with GFT and I like it. Now if you read all my posts, then you should of seen the reply i poseted. Look it up if you are so interested to know, and get off my d***.
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  3. cstfx


    I'm not getting mad. You're the one getting prissy. But that's your right.

    BTW, answer the question that has presented to you by the "numerous shills and employees of IB" - what did they do to cause you to lose 20K? Simple question.
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  4. Paliz


    the system froze on 9/18 while i was trading the news during the drop of the interest rate. I knew that they were going to drop it, and thats when the system froze. all they could say is that it might of been my internet connection, or my computer froze. which is BS, i was online checking my email the same time. So I left IB, and now I am trying other brokers
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  5. cstfx


    Thank you. That's all I wanted to know. Did you try to get them to recoup? 20k is too big a number to let slide. I see you are starting an NFA complaint. Just make sure you can get all the info you can - get logs from your ip provider to prove your point otherwise its a he said/he said.

    Again, that's all alot of us wanted to know. That wasn't so hard.
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