The RefcoFX saga is now winding down

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  1. Checks have been arriving to RefcoFX account holders for 40 cents to the dollar, after two years it has now come to an end.

    I received mine today. :)
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    Might be over for you, but accountholders that were owed over 10k USD haven't received anything yet and still have to wait and see what they will get back. I would, at this point in time, be very happy with 40 cents on the dollar. (even 40 cents on the dollar while my account was in EUR and thus also lose money in conversion of the claim as that is fixed at 1,27!!!)
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    who is funding this? I can't remember if they were bought out or if that all fell through...
  4. The RefcoFX buyout offers all fell through. FXCM's offer to make the RefcoFX accounts 100% whole was shot down very quickly by other creditors, including Gain Capital who then offered to take over the accounts on the condition we trade additional funds to get back our original funds, that offer didn't last long. I can't think of any other offers.

    I don't have a clue where that money is coming from, I just hope the check doesn't bounce.
  5. Paliz


    IB is the new REFCO
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    How about you take the time and explain your position instead of just posting these negative comments, newbie? Don't mean a thing without substance.
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    Refco has acquired a major stake in the swiss forex broker ACM
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    And where they get the money to buy a huge stake in ACM?......Hmmmmmm
  9. Welcome to 2 years ago..
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    why does it bother you so much that I'm bad mouthing IB, is Ib your mother? so why do you care? unless you work for them, then that's understandable.

    Dont get all emotional on me, a lot of people complained about their brokers on this forum, why do you want to know why I had a problem? Why dont you ask anyone else why they hate their broker?

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