The recognition of the Wall St. Journal

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  1. On thursday, short-seller was in the Wall St. Journal for the 2nd time. He was also in the December issue of Forbes, as well as a book by 2 Wharton Business School grads.

    I suppose the old adage is true, the more recognition you receive, the greater the jealousy and lust to bash down. Shortboy has been bashed on this discussion board, but receives much positive press otherwise.

    Whom should we believe, Forbes & the Wall St. Journal, or Elitetrader?? Tough one!!!
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    Flavor of the day.
  3. Oh, definitely believe the trade rags. They are bulls at the top and bears at the bottom...hmmm, are we nearing the bottom?
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    I remember reading a glowing report on GENI on IBD just weeks before it was halted, investigated by the SEC and booted off the exchange. (due to manipulation by its majority shareholder, a holding company in Bermuda owned by Adnan Khashogi - the notorious arms dealer)

    If the WSJ, and Forbes writers don't do their homework, it wouldn't be the first time. The book was written by his drinking pals from Wharton.

    The lies that tells have been clearely outlined here. Anyone interested can do a search and fine them in the archived posts.


    The Wall St. Journal SUCKS. It's the most pointless paper there is. I can't stand it. Everything in it is crap and garbage. It's a total waist of time. A bunch of wantabe know-it-alls writing bla, bla, bla and thinking that everyone should take them seriously. Jive me a BREAK!!! Has anyone seen the Wall St. Journal editorial board on CNBC? What a joke!!! Why would anyone want to watch a group of snobs sit around and chat about bla, bla, bla. Jive us a BREAK!!!

    (Everything in the above statement is just an opinion.)
  6. From the WSJ:

    "Shortboy, a Web site operated by short-seller Bill Ginsberg, boasts 200 paid subscribers whose short activities run the gamut. Mr. Ginsberg says a theoretical portfolio based on the trades of his subscribers would be up more than 17% this year, compared to a drop of more than 19% for the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index.

    Mr. Ginsberg maintains shorting is a safe strategy, assuming investors research thoroughly which sectors of the market are most beleaguered. "It is only a risky strategy for people who don't understand it," he says.

    But how long can the latest short-selling boom last? The risk, for short-sellers at least, is that the market has fallen so steeply that further big declines are unlikely. Some traders say Wednesday's market gains were due, in part, to short sellers covering their positions with purchases."

    Hardly an endorsement and not much even in the way of "recognition". But thanks for yet another of your ads Vinney (er, Bill).
  7. archangel,

    please check your dictionary for the word "recognition".


    first it was too much interest, then it was lying, then it's "check the past threads", looks like lots of whining and crying from the "moderator" babak.

    waaaaaaaaahhhh!! Shortboy takes too much interest, Shortboy lies...etc

    Funny how we've never heard anyone here mention the TRADES, and the PROFITS. I've never heard anyone say, "the trading isn't kosher." But you will find the babak's crying about everything else, unable to say the truth: yes, Shortboy has consistently made money since he went online in 1999. The simple truth. Babak, you have no credibility here. Put facts behind your air, please.
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    People have said "the trading isn't kosher", they have even posted proof that it isn't. But you simply ignore those posts.

    Here is the link to the posts that exposed as a total ripoff and a manipulator wrapped in a great marketing ploy (scroll down to TonyOz's post):


    As this was already posted and I'm sure you've no doubt read it, I know that it will not stop you from again ignoring the facts that were pulled from his own website. But then the important thing is that others will be able to think for themselves rather than be suckered in by your slick promoting wail.

    If you have a logical argument against those post then state it. Otherwise by personally attacking me and others you are only proving that you are an idiot.

    Why don't you move on to some other 'cause'? or perhaps join the community here and learn something or share some of your knowledge with us? Why do you persist in only posting about
  9. idiot. You cry and cry from sheer jealousy. Everyone here remembers you crying about interest, then it was something else etc. You are just a jealous person. Then when I mentioned the Wall St. Journal and Forbes, more crying, "oh, those newspapers suck." It's all right there for everyone to see.

    I did respond to Tony Oz's ridiculous ranting, but it was taken down. So in a nutshell, Tony has exposed NOTHING! Shortboy was very honest about restructuring the value of his portfolio to MAXIMIZE RETURNS to his trading strategy. I see nothing wrong with trying to utilize the OPTIMAL strategy for BEST returns.

    OZ also said something about Shortboy's positions requiring over 100,000 in the account on a few occasions. EVER here of a MARGIN call? If his account did go over, as I believe it did once or twice, then you'd get a margin call. Ever here of a margin call??

    Tony exposed nothing. Shortboy was very honest, as he has been throughout, and all this is CLEARLY STATED on the website. Maybe his veracity and accountability of trades is what attracts media like the Wall st. Journal.

    We all see the pattern at elitetrader, "shortboy lies and cheats", "the wall street journal sucks", "the bookwriters are drinking buddies". As I said, you NEVER question his successful trading AT ALL!! That's all I care about, his good trades.

    Conclusion: You're LOOKING like a real idiot BABAK!
  10. Gee Bill (darn, I mean Vinny), I must have a different dictionary than yours.

    None of the definitions of "recognition" seem to include having ones unsubstantiated boasts listed in an article just so the writer can raise questions about them. If you want to call that "recognition" I guess you can do whatever you want - just not what most people would call "receiving the recognition of the Wall Street Journal" though.

    Of course, I suppose if you want to stretch the point, someone saying "hey, isn't that that Ginsberg bozo over there?" could also be considered "recognition" of a sort.

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