The Recession is Over

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  1. How Brian Wesbury even has a paying job is beyond me. This guy spent all of 07 and 08 screaming that there was no recession. Only when we started losing 500K jobs/month did he grudgingly admit there was a recession. Now he declares it over. Even if he's right, he's still an ass ... and he's not right.

    The Recession Is Over
    Brian S. Wesbury and Robert Stein, 05.05.09, 12:00 AM EDT
    Indicators point to a fast-approaching end date: May 2009.

    If you want a bone to pick--or an economic argument to have--it should be about when the current recession actually began. The National Bureau of Economic Research, the U.S.'s semi-official recession arbiter, says it started in December 2007. But real gross domestic product grew at a 1% annual rate from then through August 2008. That doesn't look like a recession to us.