The Recession Is Over

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  1. Just thought I would let everyone know. It is over, from here on out the only thing we are going to have is positive news or news that is going to be spun positive.

    This is per CNBC. They are officially calling the recession over.

    The green shoots have overtaken the big bad shorts. Pending home sales makes it official according to their reporters.

    Just go ahead and buy whatever you want because the market is going much higher.
  2. Mvic


    Party like its 1999 or 2007!

    What I don't get is that I have yet to meet one single guy on the corporate side of things, and I talk to a lot of them at the Senior VP level and up, who is a believer in a 2nd half recovery? Is it just the CEOs that are seeing this from their lofty perch?
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    This construction spending thing is a joke. Its amazing how its not downright obvious to the market that commercial real estate will be dead for at least a year, y-o-y it took a big tumble, m-o-m which the market is going crazy about is not seasonally adjusted and there is a lot of volatility
  4. Don't worry, the unemployment reports are going to look great this week as well. EVERYTHING is GRAND!

    Party time in the markets!
  5. The more people they will suck in this rally the harder it will dump! I am 100% convinced that this hysteria will end very abruptly!
  6. i will put on my dow 8300 cap and poarty like its...well...1980...
  7. Watch the coming headlines "SP500 positive YTD -- experts call new secular bull market". Perfect to suck in all the retail money on the sidelines "You have to get back in otherwise you will miss out" :cool:
  8. The recession has just begun.

    This is going to be a very long downturn, and millions more in the U.S. will lose their jobs and have no where to replace their accustomed levels of incomes.

    Rent-A-Center, fleabag motels with rates by the week, Western Union, Paycheck Advance Stores, Pawn Shops and Dollar General will all thrive.

    And that company that makes Spam...Hormel, I think.
  9. Ok Mr dead cat bounce.
  10. It's just like 2003. And guess what alot were left behind because the markets never dipped.

    It's your call, but the worst feeling as a trader is missing rallies. It makes me feal like crap.
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