The Reasons Why I Trade

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  1. -I don’t believe in trading time for money
    -I don’t believe in “my time” and “company time” – all time is how I choose to spend it
    -The 9 to 5, 40 hour work week is archaic
    -“Face time” does not equal productive time. No more clock watching.
    -No politics, meetings, policies, procedures, best practices, protocols, process flows
    -Titles don’t impress me
    -I take full accountability for my results, and enjoy the full benefits of my labor
    -I decide when and how much vacation I am entitled to
    -I have more time for the people and things most important to me
    -I am a disciplined and independent individual
    -I’m in control of my future
    -I report only to myself
    -I enjoy running my own business
    - have more job security than any corporate job could ever provide
    -Trading my system has less risk than investing and guessing what the market will do
    -My income is unlimited
    -I don’t need approval from anyone on anything
    -I take the road less traveled
    -I can work from anywhere
    -A fool and their money are soon parted providing a never ending source of liquidity
    -The market doesn’t care who you are and what your credentials are
    -I learn something new everyday
    -No two days are ever alike
    -I love what I do

    Anyone wish to add to the list or share theirs?
  2. well well well

    aren't you a smart little ass

    everything you put up is true,

    but you forgot just one thing I want to add

    to make it in trading, person needs to go through emotional pain, anger, depression, physical pain, resentment, hopelessnes, hard work, rediculing

    DID I MISS ANYTHING smart ass
  3. stakes are sky high, innit...reward for the overall effort is much still obscene.
  4. I like it because trading is one of the only professions that punishes you instantly for non-performance and also rewards you instantly for good performance.

    Thats a loose quote from the "millionaire traders" book. I read that line and it instantly clicked with me and made me realize that its one of the things I love about trading.
  5. I see tons of these types of "reasons why I trade" posts...
    And like others, most of the reasons seem to be "reasons why I hate the corporate world" - negative push reasons - and not positive pull raesons.

    As for "run your own business"...well yeah, in the same way that running a lemonade stand is or similar to how an actor or singer is also running a business...

    Then again, how many traders have the ability/capability/aptitude to run a real business and all that that entails eg. team building, managing, delegating etc?
    People don't get truly rich unless they have these skills.
    I would think that a large % of traders (trading their own money for a living) are basically anti-social, introverted naturally trading appeals to their nature.

    Well, whatever, you'd better have a fall-back plan in case it doesn't work out 'cos you ain't the 1st or last.

    Ultimately there should only be 2 reasons why anyone would want to trade for a living:
    1/ Love trading

    2/ Potential to make unlimited money

    All other reasons are just fluff for self-justification

    Peace and all the best

  6. Because I look forward to monday mornings.... when others out there in the work force are constantly waiting for friday, I wake up on saturday and go "damn, I don't get to work today! I have to wait till monday, shit!" And when I wake up I feel a jolt of excitement and energy that can instantly overcome my morning fatigue... I call that jolt "passion." =)

    I also learn like that it requires and rewards the practice of imperative life skills: patience, discipline, and humility.
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    yes you missed something.....the loss of lots of cash...
  8. I forgot to add, I love to say the word "doji". I can't stop laughing over it.

    Good trading today!
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    you are not alone there ...
    i am just loving it:D
  10. you'll take it all back in a few months or even weeks once it all comes together and clicks for you good...let's be real: it's all matter of keeping at it as no brains surgeon's skills are required to make it happen...though skin and unrelenting perseverance is what do it.
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