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    The following excerpt was taken from the other thread in CC started by Optionpro. I believe it to be the chief reason for the Iraq invasion. Saddam and WMD's were just the go betweens for what is ultimately establishing a presence in Arab world, not so much as occupier, but as forward base of operations. The excerpt sums it up quite nicely:


    "I do not want to comment here on whether the American-led attack on Iraq was justified from the point of view of weapons of mass destruction or any other pre-war argument, but I can look at the post-war map of Western Asia. Now that Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya are out, two and a half terrorist states remain: Iran, Syria and Lebanon, the latter being a Syrian colony. Perhaps Sudan should be added to the list. As a result of the conquest of Afghanistan and Iraq, both Iran and Syria are now totally surrounded by territories unfriendly to them. Iran is encircled by Afghanistan, by the Gulf States, Iraq and the Moslem republics of the former Soviet Union. Syria is surrounded by Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and Israel. This is a significant strategic change and it applies strong pressure on the terrorist countries. It is not surprising that Iran is so active in trying to incite a Shiite uprising in Iraq. I do not know if the American plan was actually to encircle both Iran and Syria, but that is the resulting situation."


    I'm sure these points were bought up before in other posts, but now I have some ammo for backup against family and friends in which I've argued this position since the beginning of the Iraq war.