The reason why unemployment rate is at 10%

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  1. Things will get worse as computer systems get smarter and take more service jobs.
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    Isn't it the same to say it the other way around - "The reason the number of jobs is the same as 10 years ago is because unemployment is at 10%"

    It doesn't explain anything.
  3. I would like an honest article that talks about how the formulas are manipulated by politicians, and what the real numbers would actually show. What happens when the men and women in Afganistan and so forth start returning to their jobs stateside?
  4. Entrepreneurs create new jobs.
    But they're creating in China & India.
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    was hoping baby boomers retiring or retiring early would help the employment outlook.
  6. Entrepreneurs, like large companies, create jobs where the return will be the highest. Money has no social conscience. That is as it should be.

    When we make the US less attractive to earn a return we get the expected results. If we want jobs here we must make the environment attractive. Look at Texas and their incredible growth just by making themselves more attractive than the other southwestern states. Right to work and tax laws are a hard thing to compete with.

    We try to compensate for our national hostile environment to creating jobs by erecting barriers with trade policy. One would think the Communists learned a long time ago that walls to keep people in just impoverish the entrapped and are doomed to fail.
  7. Why is 10% so bad?

    Say you have a mother of 10 and only 1 of them fails to get or keep a job...

    Seems perfectly reasonable to me. Going by the numbers one would say she did an amazing job as a parent.
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    but lets say 4 are not of age to work, 2 are on disabilty and 1 is in jail....that would be 2 of the remaining 3 kids working. Remember the workforce is not comprised of the entire population..
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    exactly what I was thinking
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