The reason why so many of you fail at trading

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    A large percentage of traders are unsuccessful and here's the reason why. Quit trying to outperform the S&P and set your goals a little higher like me. The day I can no longer outperform those who do insider trading is the day I quit. So instead of trying to outperform the S&P set your standard at least 10 times higher like me. This is my secret and how i am able to profit more than pretty much everyone else.
  2. What are you selling?

    How many aliases have you had in ET in the last year?

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    Daniel, boring Friday afternoon for you too? :D :)
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    Can somebody explain why I still read on elitetrader... I mean come on, are you serious?
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  5. This guy is right.

    I suggest he set his goals at the top of nearest tall building.
  6. ET is nothing more than an outlet for traders, many who trade at home alone, needing an outlet for venting, entertainment, bragging and basically having a "virtual office" of other people you would not have otherwise.

    If you find this untrue, try spending time on another board like astronomy or basket weaving; you'll be back...........QUICK!

    Now back to some water cooler talk. Did you see that new girl in accounting??