The reason why Christianity seems so unrealistic and naive

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  2. And then, of course, there is the other reason:

  3. christianity is so naive because they are indoctrinated from birth to believe that the bible is the infalible word of god. everything they believe comes from the bible. there is no outside evidence.
    they are taught to believe that their god is perfect and his book has to be perfect. if any error in the bible is admitted to it makes the whole book suspect.
    this belief puts them into an intellectual quandry. if the bible has errors what they believe could be wrong. the only way out of this quandry is to embrace willfull ignorance. they just refuse to believe anything that differs from the bible to the point where they teach their children this:

    "if conclusions contradict the word of God, the conclusions are wrong no matter how many scientific facts may appear to back them."biology textbook printed by conservative Christian publisher Bob Jones University Press
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    I like that photo too Walter. There are some crazy big objects out there.

    When I was at school an astronomer told me that whenever I walked outside at night I should always take a look at Betelgeuse. He said that it has likely already exploded and the light just hasn't reached us yet. Its a big mother.

    Personally I think there is a God but I'm not so sure about the "supreme" part. Probably just some dude who stopped here and had some pond scum stuck to his landing gear from the previous world and it contaminated earth. :D
  5. there is not any evidence of that.

    i don't think you realize the PHYSICAL difficulty to interstellar travel. to sum it is IMPOSSIBLE under known physics!
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    The perfect nature of God is imprinted on the natural design of everything that exists and their relationships. Natural, Spiritual and Social orders, when we stray from those "natural" God designed models we see decay and confusion.

    The proof for "Intelligent Design/Creationism" is in front of your eyes staring you in the face, but sadly your too blind to see it.
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    It only seems impossible if you have short life spans, like us. What if something had a very long life span and also enough knowledge to get some craft moving fast, near lightspeed?

    I'm not saying it happened, I'm saying that it can't be ruled out. The place is too big and too old to not have some extremely advanced civilizations of... something. Even Hawking is forced to admit that probability.
  8. and amazingly so are 99.5% of credible scientists working in that field while bible thumpers with a sunday school education see evidence of creation all around them.
  9. Hawking NEVER admitted any of the sort!

    what if they have long life spans? what if they are geniuses? what if there really are little green men on mars that live under the ground? what if there is a god? what if? if? what if? if? if? what?

    no evidence for any of it! :D
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    Not trying to start anything, but Hawking did just state that it is mathematically probable that something is out there and that a few reach an advanced state. He also said that we should not attempt to contact them.

    Not everyone agrees with him but he did say it.
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