the reason republicans run huge deficits

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  1. qwert


    republicans run huge deficits because these are forced loans to the taxpayers. so the counterfeiters at the reserve banks get to barrow money to government, huge loans that arent necessary if the taxes would have been collected.

    so when taxes are cut and deficits are run, thats the scam.

    exactly how much money in loans has the federal reserve made in these lasts 8 years of profiting off of chaos ? at least 8 trillion so far just in the banking bail out.
  2. Thanks for the coherent and persuasive bit of information right there.
  3. Political Science-101: Democrats "tax & spend". Republicans "borrow & spend". The end. :cool:
  4. clacy


    Yes, exactly right. The commonality part is the word "spend".

    Pick your poison.
  5. Yeah, running deficits is a great way to bankrupt those who actually pay taxes. Great system.
  6. You're right-- you don't get reelected by cutting spending. You get reelected by giving your voters stuff. If you had to fight for your job every 2 years, you wouldn't care what happens in 30 years, you'll be long retired. You just care about the present and keeping your job. Put in term limits and stop paying representatives. Make them keep other jobs and only give them 1 term.