the reason for yesterdays SELL OFF

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  1. supposedly at around 2:50, Obama said he was going to break dance our way out of the recession. he then said he might ask JAY-ZEE to be his defence secretary. he said the reason we are still in Iraq is because we don't have enough rappers and hip hoppers there.
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    It is an understandable wish that people want to know reasons behind every market move. There isn't or at least not news-wise. It was simply technicals, we filled the gap and got back to the business of selling off.

    End of story...
  3. Yep, zoomed right to resistance ~ 910 area.

  4. you missed an important part of the picture. he went on to say the reason we aren't winning in iraq is because we are calling them "guns" and not "gats" and that if we held the guns sideways, our shots would be much more accurate.
  5. Hood, if you enjoy having the right to post in the trading forum, you'll stop with these types of new threads unless you have something of value to offer.