The reason 99% of homosexuals are Democrats.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Hello, May 20, 2010.

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    Its ok to admit to your spelling mistakes, everyone makes mistakes once in a while, if you want i will send you a free set of "hooked on phonics" so you can get yourself up to speed.

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    Im starting to think some of the higher ups in the dem party have some sort of sick bet going to see who can bring the ugliest chick to the spotlight. Bill clinton started it out with Hildabeast, then Obama one ups him with Janet Napolitano, then he pushes it even further with Sonia Sotomayor, then they come out with the most disgusting human being to date in Elena Kagan. Im getting sick to my stomach thinking of what is in the woodworks next. Barney Frank will probably recommend a fat old transexual, thats about all that they could do to 1 up Elena Kagan.
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    Interesting to note that you dont deny liking men, you just pronounce that Stephen Baldwin isnt your type.

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  4. Not too interesting, I hope. Otherwise you're destined for disappointment. Even so, your unwavering hope against all odds is no doubt an inspiration to similarly inclined Right Wing enthusiasts. Larry Craig, for example.
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    The reason why some many of these democrats are unattractive is simple.

    In the last generation the democrats have become the party of outcasts. The republicans have been the ones who still believe america can be the best country in the world for people who are willing to work hard.

    when you are an unattractive lesbian or anyone else likely to have been on the outside ... you are going to join the party of outcasts and you are more likely try to destroy the system that is currently in place.

    Not every democrat is a freeloading loser... but they are the party of free loading losers out to change America to a country that rewards losers.
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  6. Keep dreaming. You conveniently forgot to point out that, as a group, the female Democrats whom you berate, do not have intellectual equals among their sisters on the other side of the aisle.
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  7. i think it has more to do with the idea these people have no fucking idea what or who they are, needless to ask, what they stand for ..

    Am I a man, Am I a woman

    Is there even any distinction between men and women

    Does God exist, or am I the almighty

    Should we be free, or should we be dictated

    Content of character? Or should I ride race-based guilts for all their worth.

    George Washington or Hugo Chavez

    (rhetorical questions don't require question marks)
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  8. you get some downright scary pix of Pelosi on the first page of a Google image search...

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  9. grow up you worthless sack
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  10. jem


    I do not berate all female democrats nor do I have anything against unattractive people. Nor would it surpise anyone if less attractive women were smarter. Hey college guys at good schools do not go visit their friends at the easier admission state schools for no reason.

    But I think you underestimate how many soccer moms and business moms are very smart.

    I am just pointing out that the party of the freeloader losers is the democratic party.
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