The reason 99% of homosexuals are Democrats.

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  1. That's because their careers depend upon it.
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  2. DAMN! She's as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside...

    Well, not really.... on the ouside we could rate her a 5 or 6.... on the inside, she's a purely Leftists she-Devil...
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  3. Why don't you attempt to blow as many as you can to achieve a stat-valid sample? Please post the results.
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  4. ugh.


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  5. The hottest ladies in Hollywood - Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson and Megan Fox are democrats.
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  6. There is no question that among American public figures, there are way more homosexuals among the far right than among the far left. This has to do in part with the fact that so many of the far right are also Christian fundamentalists and as such are repressing this or that urge (sometimes benign, as in run-of-the-mill homosexuals, and sometimes not so benign, as in the case of Catholic priests). All we ever hear about is how the latest anti-gay Republican has been caught in bus station bathroom with a dick in his mouth. There was another one just a week or two ago, wasn't there?
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  7. jem


    Or perhaps it is that gays have the time to devote to working long hours at low paying jobs which some day have a big power or access payoff because of the connections they make.

    There is an indie movie out which shows that a very high percentage of the people working on the hill and for that matter in politics are gay.
    The movie also mentions that some well known news anchors are gay.

    I worked on the hill for a year in the 80s. (for democrats)
    Most of the people who were my supervisors were gay.

    So when I saw that movie, it did not surprise me.

    The gay guys and women work on the hill for low pay until a seat or job opens, then they call on their connections to get them access or money to run. Its the same path straight people take, its just that the hill has a lot of low paying jobs you have to deal with until you get to the good jobs.
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  8. lol, just saw this. It's always a bitch when you're trying to look smart but then throw in a grammatical or spelling gaffe which proves to everyone that you're undereducated.

    Of course, this just adds support to my theory that the further one goes out along the extreme right of the political spectrum, the lower the mean IQ gets.

    Sorry, man. These are the facts. Don't you hate that 30 minute limit on editing your posts?

    : )
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  9. Michelle Malkin is a goblin and a troglodyte. She's a real detriment to any cause she advances.
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  10. Lucrum


    Looks like that political spectrum pendulum swings both ways Nik.

    Or does the far left get a pass since you share their views?

    (not picking on Free Thinker, these just happen to be the most recent)
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