The reality of trading

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  1. Your stop orders are sold. Order flow?
    Your trades are monitored and attacked.
    Good traders are identified and prevented from making money.

    Ask your broker:
    - do you sell my stop orders?
    - do you sell my good trades to proprietary trading desks?

    Order flow these days are gurus. Attracting groups of traders online to make similar trades. Those trades are attacked to fleece them of all available capital.

    You will receive positive feedback until your account is wiped out. The hope is for you to replenish your account until bankrupt.
  2. Exceptions to the above are sales and advertising to attract other traders. A few do make money if they are good at bringing in more easy money.

    Today, perfect information of valuation makes the stock market static. Stock prices are relatively easy to calculate and have no reason to move until something fundamental occurs.

    I developed an emotional algorithm which simulates human emotions to a sufficient degree to pass the Tulving test.

    Chicago and others took that algorithm and created a software program to read the emotions of the traders in any market. You will be fleeced until drained of capital or until the markets flat line. That does not mean the markets are dead. It means there is no emotional volatility.

    ALL volatility is caused by emotions or extraneous unexpected events.

    Do not think the tsunami in Japan or the world trade center attacks were unexpected.

    The internet is under attack. Preventing information from reaching traders in time.

    Your broker also time lags. Price is lagged to give traders a certain view when the true price is already known.
  3. fyi, this will sound extraordinary, however:

    I own Interactive Brokers by all the rules of the game. However, the various players involved refuse to deliver the paperwork.
  4. All of warfare comes down to 3 games:

    - king of the hill
    - musical chairs
    - stamping out the bugs

    You never want to know what the other guy is thinking. It kills the game. May we stamp out all the bugs now?
  5. About 2 years ago, I had an interview and was accepted as the sole director of both Citibank and Exxon. The boards of directors were fired. However, again. The various players involved refused to deliver the paperwork and imposters took the reigns. Citibank is pissed. Haven't heard from Exxon in a while.
  6. are you making money trading ?
  7. long term yes. short term, they attack my trades so about breakeven.
  8. So, Firewalker, what are you trading shortterm?
  9. Tell the guys about your thread ''Trade $1 Million into $ 50 Million ''
  10. Ever think of keeping your day job at McDonalds? Why do you waste space with your ridiculous comments? You are in La La Land!
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