The reality in New York City and the economy...

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  1. I notice there has been less and less people at the gym i go to, the personal trainers are just idling around. Times are going from bad to worse and any discretionary spending is being CUT.
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  2. I noticed the Park Avenue Diner is now on 34th. The 6th ave Falafel cart is now on Park plus we're getting a new Mosque. The "All for a Dollar" moved into the Lehman building. Trader Joes is in the Trump building, it's a hot mess.
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  3. I am not from NY so I am not understanding why All for a dollar store moving in to Lehman Building s ign of recession? And same for Trader Joes' moving in to Trump building?
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  4. What sucks is my favorite Chinese Happy Ending massage place closed! Thats a bad sign, I was a regular and was surprised to see it closed. Which sucks since they had an excellent massage and Tableshower.

    Business there has been real slow.
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  5. So bad, just think about it, and have an efficient solution
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