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  1. I was out last night...a Friday night where it was comfortable enough to wear a long sleave shirt. Spring was in the air. I drove around NYC meatpacking district where it seemed like there was no traffic. I found a parking space very quickly. No line was at the club I went into. The bouncers at the front door were beckoning me in. When I left, they asked why I was leaving. I didnt pay any cover....They gave me a stamp. Later on I came back and there was no line and went back in again.

    Whats wrong with this picture? In all the years I have lived in NYC, I have never encountered these situations. Traffic, parking, lines and the crowded conditions on the weekends have always been a problem.

    I cant remember it ever being like this during the 80s, 90s or the 00s. Never. All of the clubs in the meatpacking districts have always had frustrating hour long lines, 20-30 dollar cover charges and bouncers who could care less if you ever get in.

    When going out last night, I noticed the chiseled frustrated looks on people's faces which I cant ever remember seeing in NYC.

    I crawled around on Craigslist to find mid-town high rise doorman apartments going for under 2 grand a 2006, you couldnt find a crummy walk-up for under 2 grand...

    Its amazing the changes taking place....
  2. Hey Port.. always enjoy your NY commentary. Esp about the different stages of women.. lol. Do you mind if i asked you what club you are talking about?

    Everything in this city does seem to be getting a little "less hot." Haven't been denied entrance to a lounge/club for at least a year which is crazy. I am just waiting for a place like Tenjune or Pink Elephant to have open admission at 1am.. The depression will be finally confirmed
  3. Things are indeed quiet at the traditional money burning venues in NYC.

    Makes sense, as nobody has any idea if they can count on getting paid for their work at the end of this year. Better save a few $, just in case.

    Part of what you witnessed is specific to the Meatpacking District though.
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    My friend is living in the Meatpacking District. I know numerous bars and clubs there went out of businesses this year, and couple clubs were converted into restaurants to survive.
  5. I have rolled through the Holland Tunnel and over the GW Bridge a few times these last few months. Lately, the Holland Tunnel seems to have no long lines or big waits. I remember in 2006 there used to be lines miles long just to get in with a 2 hour wait. I was able to make it to within site of the booths before I realized any real traffic.

    The GWBridge has also been very kind in the same way lately.

    Shopping malls all over Jersey and Long Island seem very quiet. No rush to the stores is evident like in years past on the weekends.

    I can imagine an army of people sitting at their computers at night and watching cable tv waiting it out as if in a fallout shelter.

    If this is the new normal, I cant imagine it being very profitable for business owners. Dont forget the TED spread. If these business owners need money, then they will hit the bank for a loan. They may not get a loan OR if they do get a loan it will be at horrible terms. Banks are looking very closely at who they loan money too.

    Would you loan money to one of these clubs where they are fighting for people's business or to one of these mall stores where the parking lot is empty? I wouldnt and I cant imagine a bank loaning them money either...

    BTW, the old Limelight is now a dollar store. Amazing...
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    The subway crowd is changing too. The trains are less packed both in the city and the ones going out to Jersey and Long Island.

    In the evenings there are way more homeless on the subway, you can smell it just getting into the train car.

    Samething with bars and restaurants. Places near Times Square used to be packed after work, now they are empty.

    Tourists too... it used to be that you couldn't walk down 6th & 5th Ave without walking into a tourist's photo op, now you can actually walk thru without having to avoid groups of tourists (they used to be like Pigeons, especially the Brits; no offense).

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    Sounds like some of this could be called a silver lining. Stosh
  9. Guys,

    I live in manhattan and the restaurants around me are packed! I went to SouthSide in Soho a couple Sundays ago and it too was packed! Maybe it was an off night in MeatPacking? The place kinda blows anyway unless you got connections to the right spot (Tenjune or something). Went to Brass Monkey a few weekends ago and there was a long a$$ line!

    I'm amazed that I haven't seen it more but I just don't see that drastic of a change. Granted I walk to work so I don't have a view on the subways or tunnels. I have noticed rents come in a little and I will not complain one bit about that!
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