the real "war" question

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  1. all these concerns about use of WMD are bullshit. U.S. will soon win the conventional war. The question is.. will there be a persistent and significant guerilla resistance after the territory is under U.S. occupation? If there will be, it's not a pleasant thing. Look at Chechnya.. Nominally, Russia has control over 100% of the territory. Yet everyday 4-7 Russian soldiers die in ambushes, road mines, etc. And the leaders of the resistance have not been caught after several years.

  2. Right traderkay, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the WMD reasoning was complete bullshit. If he did have them, I can hardly think of a better time to use them than an all-out, illegal attack on his country. Still, let's not be too rash -- like our pro-war eggheads -- because there might be something to turn up just yet.

    A post war resistance movement is very likely, I think. The mass defections, open arms welcomes, etc that the administration dreamt up as a way to sooth domestic concerns about the attack have obviously failed to materialize. That is, if you realize the media reports of Iraqis "celebrating" the arrival of American troops are nothing more than the "smile for the camera" effect. So it's totally reasonable to assume that there is a great deal of resentment about having a foreign presence in your land.

    Seems the most likely role of whatever post war governing structure is adopted will be to safeguard the rebuilding of oil producing infrastructure and to hell with the rest of the place.
  3. yes, this point makes sense. OTOH, waiting to see what happens once Baghdad is breached -- if saddam has them, he may be saving them for the final battle, or maybe to use them within a more confined space when the US forces are more concentrated. if he doesn't use them there, then the case that he has them at all becomes a lot tougher to make.
  4. Not bullshit.

    The WMD may not have been an imminent threat, but it certainly is a threat nonetheless.

    Alfonso, Arabs with WMD are not a threat to Beunos Aires. They are to the United States. That's what you can't or are unwilling to accept.

    Oil? If the US wanted the oil they could have bought it from Iraq! There was no threat to the global oil supply. The oil issue is bullshit.

    The Arabs and Muslims exported thier twisted aggression to the United States in 1993 at WTC and again in 2001. Now that we have taken action what does the rest of the so-called civilized world say? "Sit back and take it America"

    Fuuuuuuck you!

    PS, Saddam sent his WMD to Syria.
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    Iraq under U.S. military dictatorship will be one huge West Bank & Gaza Strip combined
  6. why?

  7. Don't you know Madison? They hate all your freedoms. They are just plain sick with jealousy.

    Doesn't matter if dozens of other countries enjoy the same freedoms (and more), it's the US they hate for it.
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    Excellent question....Why is America hated so much you suppose??? I have heard why Alfonso dislikes America...but i just cant imagine someone ( terrorist ) killing himself and innocent Americans because of his hate towards a Countries Policy.... Please inform me if you can to what policy is hated so much and why......thank you...
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    where did Bush send his WMD ?
  10. All of you peaceniks are goddam mudda fukker traitors... God Bless America... we're gonna whip Iraq's ass!!! hahaha!!
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