The Real State of our Healthcare

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National Heathcare

  1. Do you want an National option for health care?

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  2. Do you want things left the way they are?

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  3. Do you want total government run health care?

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  4. Are you apathetic and want a free ticket to move to Russia permanently?

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  1. Hey everyone,

    This is a fascinating Bill Moyer interview with Wendell Potter, former executive with CIGNA Health care on the real state of Health care in this country. I don't see this as a Liberal/Conservative thing but I think its worth viewing. It's pretty long but extremely informative

  3. It is one of the few interviews I have enjoyed lately.
  4. Health Insurance companies are one of those rare cases where "final solution" type of treatment could be warranted for its top executives. Some people have no soul. I do believe Obama is making a huge mistake in tackling ANYTHING besides economy and national security right now.

    I don't think obama realizes that he stepped into an elevator shaft with no elevator. On his inauguration day I wondered why he is so cool and aloof. The usual explanation was that he is mister cool, but it may be very well that he did not realize what he was signing up for. US is in deep shit and nobody I mean nobody could fix it in 4 or 8 years.
  5. Very good interview. Thanks for posting.
  6. Agree, it is truly and uphill battle fighting rabid dogs bare handed along the way.
    My brother is a VP for an insurance company and mirrors the concern on the video.
    We are naked, hog tied in a boat and Niagara Falls is straight ahead and it's midnight and no one is around.