The real Secret on how to make money from the market

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  1. The real secret is TRADE WHAT'S WORKING NOW.. What I mean is trade a strategy that's working right now as we speak and work it until it stops working.. Then repeat this process all over again and again.. The markets never act the same all the time.. If you want to be a full time trader you will have to deal with it.. Stop complaining and saying things like "trading is a losing game". Anything is a losing game if you don't fully understand it.. So just man up and say "you know what, I really don't fully understand trading".. That would make you grow as a person.. And one day you will figure out its possible to make money from the market..
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  3. That must be some great stuff your smoking. :p
  4. Simple minded people will never understand what I wrote..
  5. another poser talking feelgood crap.

    whats working now braintrust?

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  6. You sound like a frustrated trader.. Read my first post again and study it.. It will make sense to you later on in your career.. The obvious stuff never make sense to a rookie..
  7. Sorry to say guys but he's right. Trade what works and at the same time develop potential strategies for when that strategy stops working. If you truly trade full-time you will be able to pick up on what's working by the time your current strategy becomes less effective and you can move on to what is currently most appropriate.
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    I call bullshit on this post :p

    I’m as simpleminded as they come (just ask Rabbitone) and I understand it

    Heck I’d even maintain you could trade no other way – and be profitable….

    RN (the simpleminded one):cool:
  9. Markets can only really do two things: go nowhere/somewhere, and move fast/slow. That's only four combinations in all, it's trivial to cook up a winning strategy for each combination.

    Backtest them all against most recent historicals across a timeframe consistent with your strategies typical/max hold times. In fact, you probably don't even need a formal backtest, eyeballing is often good enough. Run the strategy that works best, continue running the other three in simulation.

    You'll know very quickly when market is moving from away from your regime, and you'll know which strategy to activate next.
  10. Being simple minded meaning he doesn't think outside the box.. Yes you could make money with a simple strategy but you can't be consistent being simple minded...
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