The real reasons of failure

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    I just found the real reasons for failure in trading.

    At least, I think they are the real reasons. I am pretty sure they are the reasons.
  2. Here is the main reason for failure.

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    give you evidence: some ignorant traders make good money, find them on ET.
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    There are three reasons for a trader's failure.

    The first reason is an independent one, the second and third reasons are two variations of the same major reason.
  5. Thanks!
  6. You have probably just found some of the many reasons for not succeeding.
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    I hope it is not the case. I have had too many back-and-forths.
  8. So the magic genie appeared to the trader and said, I'll grant you one wish"

    The trader said "Hey, aren't you supposed to grant me 3 wishes?"

    The genie replied "I already granted you 2 wishes, don't you remember? I granted your first wish and then for your second wish you asked if I could undo the first wish."

    "Oh allright, if you say so. For my third wish, I would like to know why I'm a failure"

    The genie said "That was your first wish."
  9. LOL that was good one!

  10. Okay, so we now know the real reasons of failure, what's next in this thread?
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