The real reason why the gov't doesn't want you to own a gun

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  1. our elected representatives are so hopelessly corrupt, as we see know, people may be screaming revolution.

    It may be that Barry isn't quite the clean negro that Joe Biden thought he was.
  2. True.

    Why nobody has put a bullet in Paulson's dumbass bald head yet is beyond me.

    I'm not sure the 2nd amendment means much anymore unless it allows private citizens to have the right to all weapons including nuclear/chemical/biological.

    Even if you own a couple of assault rifles, so what? The government has nukes, stealth bombers, F-18s, nuclear submarines, etc.

    When the 2nd amendment was written, all it took was a private militia armed with hunting rifles and pitchforks to oust those in power.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way anymore.
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    Unless you think the our government/military would use WMD's on their own people and soil we're not in as big a disadvantage as it might appear.

    Secondly I think the number participating in any revolt would be important. A few thousand would be easily crushed and viewed as fanatics. Several hundred thousand or million and personally I don't think most of our soldiers would be willing to fire on their own. Much like the many Russian soldiers refused to fire on their own as the USSR was collapsing.
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    Agreed. An armed population is a great deterrent against tyranny via the military.
  6. Technology changes everything.

    It doesn't take an entire army to detonate a nuclear warhead anymore. UAVs and robots can do enough to be effective and don't require much manpower.

    I live in Southern Nevada and see/hear all kinds of crazy shit in the sky at night. I often wonder how technologically advanced "they" really are.