The REAL Israel story?

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  2. OK - now first define JEW? Who are the real Jews and who are those that THINK they are Jewish (this is a key aspect of the puzzle).

    - do your homework! :eek:
  3. The real Jews are absorbed in the spiritual aspect of Judaism, all things that have to do with the inner relationship with their God.

    The materialistic Jews are involved with money, power, race and absorbed in politics...all things external...using the concept of the chosen people of the God of Christian Americans as a tool to advance their own political agendas.

    Same with most every other religion.

    We have INOC (In name only Christians) and we have the INOJ (In name only Jews).

  4. I thought that the only bloodline Semites were in western Africa in Ethiopia…and they were smaller and purplish.... I think I saw that on a Discovery once.

  5. No - it all just shows that many do not understand what the real realities of this story are. Great info btw!
  6. Most of my clients are Jewish. It's clear to me that you've probably never had any dealings, either personal or professional, with Jews of any stripe, no matter where they fall on the orthodox-reform spectrum. Plenty of my clients are very devout and are also really good at making money and making sure that their kids are taught about people like you.

    I've seen you post a lot of idiotic nonsense on this site. It's hard to say what out-of-thin-air assertion has been the stupidest. I thought the one about how it's morally defensible for Muslim Imams to slaughter their children by beheading them for the crime of flirting was maybe the stupidest, and it probably still is. This one is up there, though.

    It seems like you just make shit up and post it, without even bothering to say to yourself 'Hmmm... I wonder if this has any basis in fact, or if I could produce any evidence whatsoever that this is true'.
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