The Real Inflation Rate

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Emil Kraepelin, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Bob111


    exactly..BPP is a great site,but even their fugures are far lower than real one counting cost of medical insurance,pills,services etc..

    yeah.. inflation is 1-2%..yep...
  2. olias


    does the writer understand why food and energy are excluded? ...what the rationale is? He doesn't address it so I can only assume he's clueless or trying to stir things up.

    Look the writer has a point, but if he wants credibility he should at least acknowledge the rationale for removing those from CPI, otherwise he's just a hack
  3. pupu


    Sure, if you exclude food, health care, clothing , fuel and transpiration there is no inflation. Who needs those luxury items anyway!

    Based on the feds the greatest fear now in deflation!
    Wow, my head is so dizzy from the enormous buying power my dollars are gathering.

    Who guessed all it took is printing several trillions and now dollar bills are worth their weight in gold!

    Also unemployment is plummeting and the stock market is on a two year sugar high.

    Gotta love the donkeys in FED and our fearless leaders.

    Cheese for everyone!
  4. ElCubano


    vol, weather doesnt matter to me. $2.00 for 3 limes is crazy... I used to get 10 for that price...I can't make my famous salsa dip anymore. I can't justify a $15.00 dip when its all said and done...
  5. sprstpd


    But don't worry, the Fed will be able to cut off inflation quickly when it sees that things are heating up too much! The same people who couldn't see the housing bubble coming surely won't let inflation get out of control! My prediction is that when the Fed admits inflation is running at 2%, it will actually be running at 10% at that point. And let's just remember that the direct beneficiaries of all this crap are the people who are reckless with their finances. Gotta love the Fed! They are pretty much as helpful to the average American citizen as the SEC is to the average individual investor.