the REAL holy grail

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by mind, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. mind


    1.) stop believing there is one.
    2.) start digging.
    3.) don't fool yourself. neither be too critical, nor too positive.
    4.) get back to 2.

    after having spend years and years in this game, that
    is my conclusion. everything else is an illusion. this is
    a job that is tough and these four points describe it.

    one is missing:
    5.) start ignoring holy grail threads ...

    it takes a while until the 2.) to 4.) loop lets you out to
    jump to 5.), ... and you can stay there only for a little
    while, then it is back to 2.) ...
  2. mind


    really? i doubt that random data is tradeable. no, actually
    i am very sure - in all respect - it is not.
  3. Buy1Sell2


    Trading successfully is one of the easiest endeavors you will undertake. There is a holy grail. I know what it is. Thank you for your time.
  4. dtan1e


    is it buy 1 sell 2?:D
  5. Jerry030


    I'm not interested in your method but what kind of performance do you define as success?

    In Forex mine are:

    Win/Loss Ratio in $ > 80%
    PF > 3
    Total account doubling time < 3 months
  6. mind


    you are trading systems or discretionary?
  7. lassic


    6.) quit searching, the holy grail is within us all

    lol, sappy
  8. Jerry030


    Automated trading system, totally mechanical, based on hybrid neural networks for trading decisions.
  9. Handle123


    I agree with "Mind"s

    <<one is missing:
    5.) start ignoring holy grail threads ...>

    Cause once you find whatever your Holy Grail version is, you will safe guard it like the Family Jewels. No one is going to post their 90% plus winning trades version or any parts of it.

    So reading about threads on this subject is a waste of time, my opinion.
  10. mind


    grats. we are right now going to launch our first system
    on forex. we found that fx is special ... our other systems
    don't test well on these ...
    #10     Nov 25, 2008