The Real Gun Agenda

Discussion in 'Politics' started by wjk, Jan 28, 2013.

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  2. Yes, that's the REAL agenda.

    And it's also why the brilliant Founders gave us the 2nd Amendment!!

    The ONLY thing that allowed America to be the envy of the world has been the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Without that, we're just another "State-centric, lousy-place-to-live for citizens".

    Anyone who is against the Constitution and in favor of Odumbo's "State-ism", doesn't deserve to live here.

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    Tell it to this guy:

    From Georgetown law professor Louis Michael Seidman:

    "I've got a simple idea: Let's give up on the Constitution"
  4. He may be able to disarm "Americans" but not Mexicans. :eek: :( :mad: :)
  5. I'll bet that SOB never served in the military during a time of war.. or in the military, in general... sanctimonious PRICK!

    Reinforces my view of teachers and academia in general. (I used to feel reverence for teachers... their role in society, and all. But as public-employee union parasites, I've altered my view, sadly.)

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  7. ==============
    Well to bad for him,NasdaQQQ just broke the big news story;
    TEX -Mex refuses to disarm.That just runed his plan for sure.LOL:D

    Also 2 bad for that CA clown;
    few people are stupid enough to obey an illegal order[gun grab- registration]:D