The real followers of Judaism

Discussion in 'Politics' started by WAEL012000, Feb 29, 2008.

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  2. LOL, our resident islamofascist arab gets to decide who are and who are not real followers of Judaism. And of course, being a representative of a medieval tribe of religious fanatics himself he found a medieval sect of religious fanatics to promote.
  3. It is not me who is deciding nazi/ zionist boy, it is other Jews, in the hundreds of thousands and growing, who see you as more of a threat to them than to me.
  4. You wish. They are a medieval fringe sect and you know that, they represent a fraction of a percent of the world's jewelry. The only two people on the planet who pay attention to the ravings of these medieval idiots are you and Z10 so you are in good company. They represent the jews about as much as John Walker Lindh (aka Johny Jihad) represents Americans.
  5. The funny part is that Jews who promote peace are medieval. The funnier part is a zionist like you who did not promote anything but death and destruction throughout the world is the one who is accusing them of that.

    You know what??? Hitler accused his opponents of similar or absurdity.

    Fucking fascist.
  6. Lying again you little islamonazi weasel?

    They don't promote peace, they promote the elimination of the state of Israel... Moreover, they don't do it because they think the land belongs to your islamofascist tribes, they do it because according to their medieval views the land of Israel belongs to the jews but is supposed to be returned to the jews by god, not by a UN resolution.

    And dirty Hamas loving scum like you don't want peace with Israel either, you want peace without Israel, you want to get rid of Israel so you better stop talking about peace while your fucking tribe is firing Qassam rockets at Israeli hospitals, schools and day care facilities.

    It's simply amazing that this terrorist loving islamofascist Canadian fifth-columner has the nerve to mention the word "peace" in his posts.
  7. A 17-year-old Arab female from Jerusalem is under arrest for allegedly offering to carry out a suicide bombing in the city, police said Thursday.

    The would-be bomber, a resident of the east Jerusalem neighborhood of A-Tur who was apprehended three weeks ago in a joint Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency)-police operation, suggested to Islamic Jihad operatives in the West Bank that they use her to carry out a terror attack due to her hatred of Jews and "personal family problems," Jerusalem police spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby said.

    Wael, she must be your sistah!
  9. Isn't that exactly what I said, they don't promote peace, they promote the elimination of Israel:

    Zionism: an international movement originally for the establishment of a Jewish national or religious community in Palestine and later for the support of modern Israel

    Caught lying with your pants down again, stupid islamofascist. Get the fuck out of Canada, go back to Yemen where you belong.
  10. Shut the fuck up you fraud. zionism is a fascist, nazi like ideology that hijacked and polluted the Jewish religion to achieve its expansionist goal. Jews were used and abused to achieve its goals. You have mimicked and copied the same belief system as the nazi including the concept of race purity.

    Godd Jews, are petrified of such concept due to its stark resemblance to the nazi ideology that devastated them.

    Caught lying with your pants down again, stupid islamofascist. Get the fuck out of Canada, go back to Yemen where you belong.

    You are panicking nazi boy. You are being exposed and that is why you are showing your real racist colors. No difference between you and any nazi skinhead or a zionist settler in the West Bank.....nazi filth
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