The REAL end games begin in around 5 years...

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  1. If you haven't got a lot time to read this post...there is a "spoiler" marked with ****** below...

    We can quibble about who wins the US presidency, but, in truth, the end games begin in about five (5 years). What we see today will not look ANYTHING like what we will see in about 5 years.

    I read most of a book (on-line -haven't yet bought the book - but I do plan to). (I will mention more on the book in a moment.)

    I know some people mean well - kind of like Eli Whitney thought he was inventing the "cotton gin" to help eliminate slavery. But, today is very different. I recently read an article in Inc. Magazine...for those interested...

    The article brought back bad memories from the book I mentioned earlier.

    The book said that in 5 years we would begin a process that would alter the very existence of man. After reading the Inc. article...I believe the book was correct. We are about 5 years out from new genetic, robotic, artificial intelligence and nanotechnolgy that will destroy what we think of as normal.

    In 5 years the question that will begin to pop up into humans mind will be, "What do we need humans for?"

    Here is the book ->

    ******The article describes a new $22,000.00 robot that is expected to replace
    30,000,000 workers in the next 10 years. What will cheap robots mean to the work force? If you have kids that will be graduating in 10 years...expect 30,000,000 more workers to be competing with your kid for a job.. This is just the beginning. What will the new artificial intelligence programs mean to the work force? What will we need humans for? The book "Forbidden Gates" is a good starting place for people to answer that question.

    Food for thought!

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    That's what I thought 20 years ago. I'm still waiting. Changes like that take longer and are more convoluted than anyone writing that stuff can imagine. If you have children they may see it. I know I won't and you probably won't either.

    Sorry, that's what experience tells me even though I sometimes promote such events myself. Of course, there are a few things that would make change happen overnight such as the Yellowstone caldera exploding, etc. but they are not likely to happen in our lifetimes either.
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    A little off topic, but that or a similar event would sure shut the AGW crowd down!

    Sorry Gastro, back to the intent of your thread...
  4. I really don't know too much about robots but Imo, unless a mfg robot can replace 2 workers, I'm skeptical of the economic advantage.

    Yes a robot can work 24/7 but not every industry has that much work. A mechincal breakdown is costly till the robot is repaired, With a human, you just get another guy.

    Depreciating machinery can be a tax issue - incentives, etc and companis may not go this route as a use of capital.

    Probably insurance costs would be higher on a building full of robots as opposed to a plant devoid of workers for half the day.

    Robots probably use electricity, oil, temp controlled, clean envirnoment, A human worker won't need any of these.

    A tractor replaced a mule but we don't call the tractor a robot, A tractor does the work of many people and animals, I'd like to see a robot in mfg replace more than one person.
  5. The real hurdle is an aesthetic robot that can give a decent blow job.