The REAL "Elite" on ET

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cashmoney69, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. If you feel that you truly are "Elite" or have more experience than most on this board, please let yourself be known, and maybe some background information about your trading career if you choose. If you know anyone on this board that knows what they are talking about AND has the experience to back it up, post their name below.

    I'm starting this thread mostly for personal use in the future; so when I read a post from a member, I know I can trust their words. This would be helpful to other members on the board as well. I'll start:

    NihabaAshi, and Steve Tvardek
  2. thorn, rubberbird, hairdresser, and of course MR.MARKET
  3. itcob58


    william rennick, of course, he has the " ball ".
  4. itcob58


    the " ball " is working perfectly today by the way.:D
  5. Don't forget la creme de la creme = Mr. Double! :D
  6. Mr.D is old news ; check out Romik , amazing PnL !
  7. ...and sometimes it's not...:confused: