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  2. lol. ask the guy to show you his personal trading records using this software. bet he wont do it.

    If Your Software Is So Great, Why Are You Selling It?

    That is a very good question!

    I love the financial markets, computers and trading. But what's worse is I hate seeing you waste money on stuff that doesn't work ... it really ticks me off! You have dreams and high expectations. Don't let others take advantage of you!

    To be quite honest, this software is worth much more than the trivial price I'm asking. You are receiving the results of over 1000 hours of my research time.

    You have the rare opportunity to purchase on my product for two reasons:

    #1 - Although this is a complete package, I am purposely over delivering with this product to develop trust with you. I want you to let me help you trade more successfully.
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    It showed up in my e-mail. I was wondering has anyone here tried this software before. Like to get a consumer's report, not some non-user opinion. Please post only you have used this product before, & get to the point.


  4. yea right. like some software that showed up in your email is going to make you rich.
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    the point is trust yourself, hold on tight to your wallet, know what you are doing, the 'system' has to prove itself by by real time up to the second signal and same go for its record.
  6. it showed up in your mail? well that's a red flag, buddy. when the vendor becomes a mass marketer, there's virtually 0 chance he's any good at trading. i'd bet the best chance you have is with some obscure guy, with a shitty web page, who doesn't advertise anywhere, he might have something.
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    There's enough info. on the website to raise a red flag.

    Anybody notice the results on the Tradestation report? No commission and slippage...each trade was 5 emini's. The initial ave. trade of $263/5 emini's = 52.60 - 5.00 comm. - 25.00 for slippage of one tick each side = 22.60 per R/T.

    Anybody really want to buy a system that takes one trade per-day and only makes 1 tick per day?
  8. Yeah... I saw that stuff too, I got the info in my email as well. I can do better with my systems, which is probably why I am not so desparate to sell them...:D
  9. Building systems that are profitable with zero slippage
    and zero commission is TRIVIAL.

    What a joke.