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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Aeneas, Apr 19, 2004.

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    The real bottom line here is that the people on this site (herein referred to as "morons"), do not have a clue about how to trade the markets. Otherwise, you would have recognized that Trader Brad was a fraud in 30 seconds as I did , and laughed.

    Baron is in fact Worse than Brad. Baron provides the method for which these disgusting creatures can prey and scam individuals, as long as they pay Baron his monthly fee of course. That makes him scum. It also makes him guilty of fraud - which he will find out soon enough.

    I see some of you have been on here for years... amusing, that the "Elite" morons of this site, after banding together and sharing ideas, can't even manage to make a lousy 3-4 points a day.

    How pathetic.

    P.S. - Please delete this post to give me the excuse to spam it 600 times. :D
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    I appreciate being called a moron, especially by someone who registered at ET all of 2 days ago. Your opinions mean so much to everyone here. :p
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    Could it be Aeneas and Richard is the same individual???

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    Dave Scott
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    Ya think? :eek:

  5. Perhaps the same as Samson77?

    I know vendors are not popular here...but I never pushed my course down this guys throat...6 months of trials and he bought the course, at a reduced rate, why??? He sent me a book for FREE...I thought this guy was normal! Wrong!

    I am not interested in selling anything here...I am interested in my name...after all I could have called my site traderannonymous like these posters of late...but I will and am going to show that this vendor has credibility.

    Please do not buy anything from me...just sit back.

    Brad Caldwell