The real agenda. Why they want gun control

Discussion in 'Politics' started by LEAPup, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. LEAPup


    short clip that says it all. If ANY of you here thinks these Nazis gun control agenda is to prevent (impossible!!!!) another school shooting, or theater shooting, you TRULY are a sheep worthy of nothing else but shearing, and later slaughter!

    And this is from the 2nd in command in the most powerful Country on Earth. Until they pull the teeth from the sheep in America, they can't get what they want: a King Obama who rules the World with ABSOLUTE power.

    Again, start reading Agenda 21 on the UN's WEBSITE, I'm blown away!!! If you don't "have the time" for that, go to youtube, and check out what's coming to a theater near you:

    Has been going on for some time. Problem is, we now have a "legally" Lol elected President who's damned determined to get it done with his change.:mad:

    Can't believe this Country has been asleep for this long!:eek: :mad:

    My question is, what are WE THE PEOPLE going to do to stop these evil tyrants before it's too late?!?!? Sit at home, and bitch, or actually DO SOMETHING before it's all over but the crying???!?!?!???
  2. pspr


    Biden, as usual, doesn't even know what he is saying.
  3. Lucrum


    And the leftist fools were worried about Palin as VP.

    Biden makes Palin look like a rocket scientist.
  4. LEAPup


    She has common sense. Nazi biden has shit between his ears, but is "smart" enough to LIE like hell to the sheep who eat it up, and are sadly ALLOWED to vote in a "free" Country...:( Problem is she was up against a wall called the sick msm, and liberal (Nazi) agenda. There's no winning that one unless God intervenes, which He will in His time. At that point, step out of the way! His wrath will be more than words can describe!
  5. pspr


    The left doesn't play politics on policy anymore. They just demonize anyone who is gaining recognition for the GOP and try to destroy them. That's the new Democrap Nation's strategy since they can count on the MSM to play along and even help. Then they promise stuff to all the parasites and they will never lose another national election.
  6. LEAPup


    They might not lose another election as they can "LEGALLY" buy votes from lazy black trash who can SADLY vote, and other parasites, but I promise you, they'll lose the war they're hell bent on bringing for their sick "change."
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