The Real Advantage to Florida

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  1. FLorida is a pretty big state so not sure how people complain about the crime and stuff. New York has some pretty bad crime in the Bronx but that has nothing to do with Long Island... lol

    I think FLorida is diverse enough to make anyone happy depending on where they want to live and what they are looking for.
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    Florida have an Asset Tax. Even if you did not make money on trading, you still pay taxes on your assets.
  3. I never heard of an asset tax. Can you give me a hypothetical?
  4. I found it:

    "For 2005, the first $250,000 of a single taxpayer's total taxable assets are exempt. Assets above $250,000 are taxed at $.50 per thousand dollars of value. Joint filers may exempt $500,000 of total taxable assets."

    That doesnt sound like much. So if I had 1.25 million bucks, that comes out to about $500?
  5. Old news. Been repealed. Besides, no body paid it any way.