The raise of the HFT

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  1. Yesterday found this animation showing historical daily data about the activity of algos from 2007 to 2012.


    It gets really scary by the end of 2011. We're doomed :eek: :eek:
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    interesting and concerning. great post
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    I wonder if it will keep getting bigger or come back off with more competitors using the same/similar strategies? Then I suppose internet speed will just be getting faster and faster so there will always be an edge in that, it will just always be about the latest and greatest/closest connection speed.
  4. doubt it.

    Better internet speed will not improve the almost 0ms delay, that the collocated players get. It will only atract more and more players, but then edge will be gone, or become super competitive. And with the upcoming limitation, more expencive to get ahead of the other players.

    Maybe the shift will be from Quantity to Quality.
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    What does the 'Y' axis represent?
  7. you, getting reamed
  8. I think it is quotes per second. Requested this info from nanex but they havent replied yet.