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  1. Whatever gets you through the night.
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  2. lol
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  3. lol
    yep, i agree.

    a few hours ago on fox news, a guy was interviewing the raelian chick with the red hair... (btw, i would probably bang her if she was like 18) before he got into the discussion about cloning, he started off with something like this: "it's true that you believe you were created by space aliens. can you see why it's so hard to give your group any credibility at all?"

    GOD DAMN DOES THAT PISS ME OFF! meanwhile, that guy probably goes to church every sunday and prays every night!!

    hypocrites!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad:
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  4. lol, you might get the chance in 18 years!
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  5. lol that IS quite funny!! :D however, that red haired chick isn't who was cloned.

    hehe good one, though.. :D
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  6. supporting Evidence: Science & Future (7)
    The Raelian Message
    A religion ahead of it's time

    The Messages say that everything announced by Rael will be confirmed by science. For 23 years Rael has been spreading the messages of the Elohim and it would be too long to list the numerous scientific discoveries which confirm the different aspects of the fantastic revelations it contains. But if we examine only what took place last year we see that the Rael 's prophecies are stunning enough to make Alvin Toffler and Nostradamus blush.

    Evolution : a myth
    On 23 January 1996 Rael was invited to participate in a debate held at the " Theatre de la cite " in the Laval university in Quebec. Facing him was Cyrille Barette, a fervent evolutionist. Rael addressed the students who were present explaining what was revealed to him on the question, and which is described in the first message he received on 13 December 1973.
    Globally the Messages of Rael say that "evolution is a myth and in reality the evolution of forms of life on earth is the evolution of techniques of creation and the sophistication of created forms developed by the creators ending finally with a being similar to them." Rael also adds that more and more scientists question the theory of evolution. But Professor Barette vigorously denied this affirmation, adding that anyone who gives it a little thought can only admit the existence of evolution.

    Curiously, during the month of January 1996, a prestigious french magazine " La Recherche " published an article titled " the drawbacks of Darwinism." Following this the magazine published a virulent debate on the question confirming the fact that many scientists question evolution.

    Some even went as far as to say that the theory is not scientific, and that " it rests on a sophism, a circular reasoning : the environment selects animals most apt to survive, and we call the most apt animals those which survive ! "

    The existence of extraterrestrial life
    As if by chance, on 6 August 51, the " raelian New Year ", the NASA organized a well publicized press conference on a subject which is far from banal for scientists and which is right at the heart of Rael's Messages : scientists have just found other forms of extraterrestrial coming most probably from the planet Mars.
    Scientists are amazed, raelians just smile because they remember this sentence in the second Message of Rael which says : " those who ask themselves if it possible that there is life on other planets are the best example of those limited brains (who like) frogs at the bottom of their pond wonder whether there is life in other ponds ".

    Cloning a first step towards eternal life
    In the first Message published in 1973, it is explained how Noah, thanks to cloning, managed to save the different life forms after the cataclysm (the flood) which destroyed all life on earth : " in reality and your knowledge will soon enable you to understand, all you need is a live cell of each male and female species to recreate the entire being. "
    But cloning is well known for several years. But suddenly, for the first time, scientists recently managed to clone a mammal: the famous sheep Dolly.
    This recent cloning of a sheep initiates a fabulous debate on the eventual possibility of cloning a human being and attaining ... eternal life.

    What does the future hold according to Rael ?
    For sure, the debate on evolution will continue and proof will accumulate to demonstrate the absurdity of this theory ; other discoveries, even more spectacular than the one on Mars will confirm the existence of extraterrestrial life, and cloning techniques will improve so we can clone a human being just as easily as we inseminate an ovula in vitro. But the messages contain even more fantastic revelations.

    Let's examine a few of them.
    The transfer of information and personality during cloning
    In 1973 one could read this :

    "When we die, we take a cell previously preserved from our body and recreate the body in full, just as it had been before it died... meaning with all its scientific knowledge, and of course its personality."
    "The True Face of God" by Rael Chapter 7

    Recently in a press release in which he comments on the cloning of Dolly, Rael explains that " in spite the sanctions dictated by outdated powers influenced by obsolete religions, human cloning will fortunately go ahead and will become as on the planet of the Elohim a means of obtaining eternal life, the next step being the transfer of information and personality of an aging individual into a younger clone of himself. We will need, adds Rael, to " define the criteria determining who will be able to benefit from these technologies ".

    Chemical education and the abolition of traditional schools
    In a few years, our children will no longer sit on school benches, becoming bored and brooding about suicidal ideas.
    In fact there will no longer be any schools. To learn they will only need to directly transfer knowledge into their brain as they do on the planet of the Eternals :

    "We can transmit information by the injection of brain memory matter, thus our children have almost no work to do. They regularly undergo injections of brain matter taken from people possessing the information necessary for instruction. Therefore children are preoccupied with only interesting things, which they program them selves, such as building the world in theory, fulfilling themselves in sports and the arts" .

    To live ten times longer
    The Elohim explain that thanks to a small surgical operation "the biblical tree of life", they can live ten longer than us.
    Soon we will make this discovery and we will live between 700 and 1200 years.
    Imagine all the wonderful things we could create.

    Enjoying biological robots and freeing ourselves from mindless labour
    Thanks to the mastery of genetics and the possibility of creating life we will build biological robots which will do all the mindless tasks.
    As the Elohim say :

    "Most of our work is intellectual as our level of scientific development allows us to use robots for everything. We only work when we feel the inclination, and then only with our brain. Only our artists and sportsmen work with their bodies and only because they have chosen to."
    Even better, men and women can have "several biological robots absolutely submissive and to which the machine gives the exact physical appearance desired."
    We could list on many pages the scientific and technological wonders described in the Messages of Rael which we will discover one day.

    The Raelian Message is not only a fantastic explanation about our origins, it is also a fabulous description of what the future holds for us and a wonderful hope for the young generation.

    they are are heeerrrreeee
    :D :D :D
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  7. The one common absurdity that I find in both Raelianism and Christianity is that in both cases the supreme being(s) chose to communicate their message to only a chosen few, or in the case of the Raelians, the chosen one, Rael. If these omnipotent beings want us to be aware of them, or even worship them, why not make a public, irrefutable announcement for all to see? Or hell, make daily announcements. Instead God or aliens choose these ridiculously inefficient and ambiguous ways of conveying their messages, which omnipotent beings should have known would cause mass doubt. Maybe God/E.T. really likes the telephone game.
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  8. :D LOL...

    ok, MJ definitely beats rael for the biggest freak prize...
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  9. Did someones say the King of Freaks?
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